ASSK Knowledge Analytics specialises in the provision of tacit knowledge assessment and consultancy services. Solutions are both research informed and research driven. ASSK works collaboratively with organisations to develop customised tacit knowledge readiness solutions. The team has developed the Knowledge Insights Inventory to assess an organisation’s Tacit Knowledge Readiness. Tacit knowledge readiness consists of four dimensions: SHARING, SEEKING, CAPTURE AND ACCESS.

Readiness in this context focuses on how well employees and the organisation share, seek, capture and access tacit knowledge.

One of the most significant challenges for organisations is to manage its knowledge to enhance performance and competitiveness. Organisations have both explicit and tacit knowledge and need to leverage both to be successful.  Tacit knowledge is perhaps the most valuable for performance however it is also the most difficult to ‘manage’. Tacit knowledge consists of expertise, knowhow and information that employees have developed through experience. Employees have ownership of tacit knowledge however organisations wish to leverage it for competitiveness.    It   is estimated that more than 70% of all knowledge in organisations consists of tacit knowledge.


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