Production are the parents of a machine, maintenance are the doctor Stability is the foundation or bedrock of the Toyota Production System. Without stable, reliable and repeatable processes, it is difficult to implement standardised work and operate just in time. It is essential that the machines and equipment used withing the process are reliable and capable for the purpose they are intended. To ensure the high levels of reliability demanded, it is important that we deploy the correct approach to our machine maintenanace activities. Our approach is firmly embedded in the prpinciples ot Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and involves all levels of the organisation in a focussed programme of asset care. This approach ensures the total participation and development of every employee in delivering outstanding levels of machine availability leading to operational efficiency measures in excess of 95%. It is a dynamic system that is constantly evolving the maintenance requirements to truly meet the needs of the equipment and balance the cost of maintenance with the desire for high performance.

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