Left to right :
Barry Davis - Creganna-Tactx Medical
Pat O'Connor - CEO ICBE
Linda Hayworth - FIEP
Declan Swan - IEP
Tina McKenzie - Avanta
Barry Fletcher - Ingeus
Brian O'Kane - Oak Tree Press
Dave Kenny - ICBE the web page for employability.

Ireland is in the process of adopting payment by results (PBR) employment schemes of which Job Path is perhaps the most high profile example. In view of the fact that the Irish Government is about to launch Job Path and therefore the creation of an Irish Employment Related Services (ERS) industry with a new workforce of c2000, IEP partnered with its Irish based corporate patron, the Irish Centre of Business Excellence network (ICBE), to stage a workshop to discuss how key partners might collaborate to prepare for these new and challenging developments.

Held in Dublin on the 18th of June 2014, the event was attended by over 40 invited delegates and included representation from Irish business, trade unions, charities, recruiters and others with an interest in how the workforce needed to implement Job Path will be recruited, trained and developed to the mutual benefit of jobseekers and Irish business. The event was also attended by IEP Patrons and partners including Seetec, Avanta, Maximus, LearnDirect, Maximus, Ingeus and Remploy.

Declan Swan, Director of IEP, told the audience that 'as the new employability workforce emerges in Ireland,  it will need support and if IEP and its partners can help share their experiences they will be happy to do so'. Pat O'Connor, ICBE's Chief Executive, said 'if business is to play its part it will need help to navigate and understand the new arrangements; this event is part of ICBE's agenda to provide employers with that support'.

Ultimately, however, everyone agreed that Job Path and PBR schemes more widely are a very new and different way of working and there will be challenges ahead. So collaborative partnerships will be vital to help jobseekers, business and the new employability profession.


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