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DATES: 15th February to May 2014

TIME: 9am – 5pm

COST: €1700.00 per participant… …funding already applied.

LOCATION:  National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1
Shannon Aerospace, Shannon Airport, Shannon, Co. Clare


Who is this Programme for?
This exciting Technical Aircraft Management programme offers a distinct choice for those wishing to
train in an Aviation Specialisation and pursue a fast-paced management career in the dynamic world
of aviation. Ireland is a recognized leading hub in the aircraft leasing sector and this programme has
been developed in conjunction with the aircraft leasing companies who have specifically identified the
skills required to work in this sector.
This level 7 special purpose award programme covers modules such as aircraft acquisition and
finance, registration and air legislation and maintenance and technical record administration.
The proposed programme specifically trains licensed/experienced aviation engineers for this work. As
well as specifically meeting the needs of the aircraft leasing sector the programme will benefit
candidates wishing to work in aviation consulting and technical support sections.
Participants will also be enrolled in specific modules on CV writing and other job readiness skills.

Course Content
Module Information
Aircraft Acquisition and Finance Understanding the crucial terms in operating leases
(maintenance reserves, return provisions, defaults and remedies)

Understanding the basic financial structures

Understanding the issues pertaining to purchase contracts for new and used aircraft

Basic difference between operating leases, financial leases and cross border, double-dipleveraged leases

Refining negotiating skills

Legal status of aircraft - definition, characterization, nationality and registration, jurisdiction
and conflicting laws

Term sheets / letters of intent - legal effect

Used aircraft - 'as is, where is' indemnities, unrecorded liens

Operating leases - legal, financial and technical issues arising in the context of lease
negotiations, quiet enjoyment, assignment, maintenance reserves, return conditions,
possession and use, liens, indemnities and defaults and remedies, deposits

The basics of export credit financing
The basics of security, mortgages and pledges
Registration and bankruptcy
Understanding the basics of the return conditions in lease contracts
Significant legislative differences in various locations (EASA vs. FAA etc), especially as
applicable to lease/return conditions
Registration and Air Legislation ICAO Requirements – Annex 7 of the Chicago
Registered owner responsibilities
Overview of De-registration procedures
Overview of registering an aircraft in different jurisdictions
Responsibilities of the country of registration
Transfer of aircraft within Europe
Changes to the ARC as a result of registration changes
Transfer of aircraft within FAA and other jurisdictions
The Cape Town Convention and Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request
Authorisations (IDERA’s)
Supported by the Irish Aviation Authority
Registration and Air Legislation (continued) Update/Review of EASA Regulations
Regulations Structure
Basic Regulation 216/2008
Part 145: 145.1 The Competent Authority, AMC 145.A.10 1(d) & 2 Line maintenance Facilities inside and outside the state
Part M Subpart B Accountability: MA 201 (b) Leased Aircraft, MA 201 (e) CAMO V Owner
Part M Subpart C Continuing Airworthiness: MA 302 Aircraft Maintenance Program, MA 307 Transfer of records
Part M Subpart G Organisation: MA 701 CAMO, MA 707 (a) except 1 & 2 CAMO, MA 710 CAMO, MA 711 (C) CAMO
Part M Subpart I: MA 901 except (e) to (k) ARC, MA 902 (a) and (b) ARC, MA 903 ARC, MA 904 ARC, MA 905 ARC, Flight permits/Permit to Fly, Test flights, Ferry flights
Part M Subpart H CRS: MA 801 (a) CRS, MA 801 (d) CRS
Part M Appendix 2 EASA Form 1
Part M AMC MA 708 (c) Appendix XI Contracted Maintenance (2 days)
Update/Review of FAA/other Authority Regulations: Repairman/Mechanic/ RII Inspector/AI/DOE/DOA, Repair Station Certificate & ratings, The GMM, RII inspections, Approved roster, Maintenance/preventative maintenance/Rebuilding & Alterations, Other authorities including Transport Canada
Modifications and Repairs: AD’s, Major repairs, Modifications, Approval of major modifications and repairs, EASA design approval procedures V FAA 337 form
It is assumed that the Technical Representative is from an EASA background and has an understanding of EASA procedures.
Managing the Maintenance Contract
The contract: Typical Maintenance Contracts, Fixed price – what’s in and what’s out!, Time and material, Findings - NRC’s & approving additional work, Understanding the cost implications of the maintenance contract, Engine specific contracts, Brief overview of indemnities and insurance terms
Managing the Contract: Establishing Communications with the MRO organization , Who’s Who – Meet and Greet!, Out of hours access, Establish Office accommodation if appropriate, Managing Progress, Scheduling, Delivery against budget, Quality Turnaround Cost, Responsibilities of; current/previous operator, Technical representative, Lease company, MRO and end customer.
Procedures: Flight Crew – test flights & final delivery flights, Aircraft fuelling, Flight Crew approval and license validation, Flight plan acceptance, Maintenance en route, Customer acceptance tests/flights
Technical records administration: Processes – the need for a systematic approach, Typical company systems/approaches, Required records, Actual records, Gap analysis, Back to birth records – “dirty fingerprints”, Component Certificates, Dealing with inadequate/missing records, Examples of problems likely to be encountered
Maintenance Programmes: MRB and MPD, Company Maintenance, Operating environment, Bridging /checks, Structural sampling – fleet programs, sampling, stand alone aircraft, “catch-up” programmes
Supported by the Irish Aviation Authority

Programme Lecturers
All lecturers have been selected for their proven academic track record and are experienced industry practitioners who focus on applied learning within each class.
Programme Delivery Structure and Location
All classes are delivered on a day release and or on an evening basis depending on class size and are held in the following locations;
 National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1
Shannon Aerospace, Shannon Airport, Shannon, Co. Clare
All students will have access to the full suite of on-line support facilities available through IT Carlow such as Blackboard, the virtual learning environment, as well as the large range of e-books available through the IT Carlow on-line library. All student notes will be available on Blackboard and all referenced books will be available on-line also.
Work placement is an integral part of this programme. All Springboard participants will work as an internship or equivalent in a relevant industry/business/organisation from January 2014 to June 2014. This will give them the opportunity to apply skills learned during the course to real life.
Companies that have previously hosted placement for students on similar programmes include Greenstone Aviation, Irish Aviation Authority and Aerotech.
Total duration: 15 - 20 weeks approx (block release of 2 days per week)
Next intake : January to May 2013
Entry Requirements
Candidates should be technically qualified i.e. have an aircraft maintenance qualification. No age limit applies.
Applicants may qualify for exemptions based on prior learning where appropriate.


Contact Details:
Cáit Barden/Marie Esmonde Institute of Technology Carlow Fitzwilliam Business Centre,Suite 2141 26 UpperPembroke Street, Dublin 2 Tel: +353-(0)1-6373939 Dublin Tel: Life Long Learning Carlow: 059 9175280 Email: LLLdublin@itcarlow.ie Address: Institute of Technology Carlow, Kilkenny Road, Carlow, Ireland Website: www.itcarlow.ie

The Aviation Finance Finuas Network is funded by member companies and the Finuas Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

Click here for Finuas Network website www.finuas.ie

Skillnets funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills

The Aviation Finance Finuas Network is funded by member companies and the Finuas Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

Click here for Finuas Network website www.finuas.ie



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