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DATES: August 4th & 5th 2015



COST: 350 Member; 450 Non Member (Skillnets funding applied)

Programme Overview

Organizations need to achieve profitability targets that are consistent with shareholder expectation. To meet these expectations, managers and leaders play a critical role in terms of ensuring that each employee and team member volunteers their best contribution with the minimum possible cost overhead. Supervisors and managers, who have taken the time to hone their people leadership skills, lead and manage in a highly effective and highly productive way. Their employees really enjoy their work and as a result, their individual and collective performance adds significantly to the organization’s key performance indicator – profitability.

This ‘Core Skills of Leadership Program’ is offered to meet this organizational need for highly skilled mature managers and leaders. This is a proven program that has been delivered many times to managers and leaders in Europe, the US and in Asia.

Having spent twenty four years working for Analog Devices, twelve of which were spent as a member of their senior management team, JJ O Riordan offers a very practical, effective and flexible management and leadership skill development programs to organizations. He is the exclusive provider of all Leadership training programs to Analog Devices in Europe and Asia.

Aware that each organization has unique challenges when it comes to leading its people, JJ offers this program in a customizable and modular format. Organizations can choose the modules that best meet their leadership development requirement.

This is a two day program aimed at developing the core skills of Leadership for all newly appointed managers and leaders.

Course Objectives

The Programme Objectives are as follows:

  •  To develop the Core Skills of Leadership
  • To provide an opportunity to practice the Core Skills of Leadership
  • To Role Model the Core Skills of Leadership through Demonstration

Course Content

The Suggested Core Modules are as follows:


Core Module Title

Core Module Description

Core Competencies of Highly Effective Managers & Supervisors Foundation module where the transition from Individual Contributor to Manager is clearly outlined, Also the role of manager and the qualities of a highly effective manager / supervisor are explored in detail. The challenge of managing former peers and friends will also be addressed.
Interpersonal Communications Skills One of the key roles of a manager is to clearly articulate what needs to be done and what success will look like. Of equal importance is a manager’s ability to listen at three levels so that they possess a deep understanding of their employees needs as well as a deep understanding of the barriers to successful implementation of their management strategy
Creating Organizational Direction and Alignment A key responsibility of all people managers is to clearly outline the organizational direction and to ensure that the contributions of all employees are in alignment with the organization’s key business objectives. A very simple but powerful model will be used to determine the level of alignment a manager has within his / her team. Also the concept of S.M.A.R.T goals will be used to ensure that the achievement of individual employee goals will result in overall maximum contribution to the organization
Situational Leadership For each employee to volunteer their best and highest level of performance, it is critical that managers are aware that each employee needs to be managed in a unique way. When it comes to supporting each employee to contribute their absolute best, the manager needs to use different management / leadership styles. These styles will be explored in this module.
Employee Recognition, Motivation & Inspiration The catalytic factor in highly effective management and leadership is employee recognition! The lack of employee recognition results in a significant loss to the organization in terms of a reduction in employee discretionary contribution. There is a skill to recognizing employee contribution and this will be explored in this module. Also, the significant difference between employee motivation and inspiration will be covered.
Time Management Skills The ability to be able to set priorities and to maximize personal use of time is critical to successful supervision and management. Using models such as Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix, a process will be presented that offers a practical and effective time management system.
How to hold your direct reports accountable and how to conduct a highly effective Performance Review The importance of a proper performance management process within organizations cannot be overstated! It is critical that managers know how to hold their direct reports accountable and how to manage their employee’s performance, not just at the end of year performance review meeting, but also throughout the entire review period. Drawing on personal experience of many years of managing employee performance, the workshop facilitator will present a practical and highly effective performance management process. The benefits of using a coaching approach to performance management will also be explored.
Managing in Constant Change Change is constant! An inability to deal will change in a proactive way leads to a significant drop in performance and employee engagement. Highly effective managers and supervisors know how to embrace the need for constant change and continuous improvement. Using a wide variety of models such as William Bridges transition model, the subject of how to positively deal with change will be explored here.
Conducting Effective and Efficient Team Meetings Team meetings can be amongst the greatest waste of time and money within organizations. Managers and Supervisors need to know how to setup and conduct effective and efficient meetings. The techniques and skills needed to conduct meetings in this way are presented here.


The Optional Modules can be selected from the following list:


Optional Module Title

Optional Module Description

Resolving Conflict

The ability to resolve both personal and employee conflict is a critical skill of effective managers. A very different and proven practical approach to conflict resolution is presented in this module

Presentation Skills

Every manager, supervisor and team member needs to have the skill of presenting their ideas and concepts in a clear and articulate way. The workshop facilitator has received the ‘Best Conference Presenter’ on two occasions and in this module he shares his secrets on making powerful and impactful presentations with the participants.

Creating High Performance Teams

One of the measures of a highly effective manager is their ability to create high performing teams. The secrets to creating such high performance teams will be explored in this module.

Applying the work of Stephen Covey within Organizations

Stephen Covey is one of the most respected organizational consultants in the world today. His books such as ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, ‘Principled Centred Leadership’ and ‘Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times’ are compulsory reading in many leadership training classes. This module takes the learnings from these programs and shows how they can be applied in a practical way to achieve results within organizations.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Among the world’s leading organizations, it is now accepted that the carrot and stick approach to managing employees doesn’t work. Managers need to support their employees using a coaching and collaborative approach. The skills needed to manage in a coaching style are presented in this module.


Target Audience

  •  Newly Appointed Managers
  • Team Leaders who are interested in increasing their Professional Effectiveness as a Leader


Training Company Name and Website

JJ O’Riordan

We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of free places for jobseekers on our network programmes subject to funding being available. Please click on the following link to check if you meet Jobseekers eligibility criteria

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