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Date: Thursday 2nd July 2015

Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Location: Dublin

Cost: €275 funding applied


Programme Overview

Your purpose may be to solve problems, speak up at meetings, motivate your team, achieve required goals…. Whatever your purpose, how you think about it, and more importantly, how you get others to think about it will be the key to your success.‘Critical Thinking in Action’ teaches you how to be smart during your meetings and discussions.  The programme will help you develop the clarity of thought and reasoning skills to analyse situations and communicate ideas, so as to achieve the  best results.  


Programme Objectives

On Completion of the Course you will know how to:

  • Be clear about the outcome you want to achieve
  • Develop Productive & Innovative Thinking
  • Argue clearly, without emotion and to the point
  • Change Negative Thinking into Positive Action
  • Think confidently on your feet
  • Achieve ‘buy-in’ and commitment

Target Audience

All levels of ManagementAnyone whose job role requires them to work with challenges and opportunities.Anyone whose job role requires them to think quickly on their feet to get what they want.

Programme Content

Critical Thinking in Action:    Programme Details: 1 Day – 9.30am  – 5pmPart 1: - Opening Perception

  • Obtaining Clear Thinking by knowing how to separate ‘Passion’ from ‘Emotion’ to achieve clear goals
  • Moving away from focused, linear perception and targeted questions
  • Asking the right quesitons to get the best answers

The session ends with an introduction to the work of Teresa Amabile (Harvard Business School) explaining her 6 Levers on how to achieve a successful problem solving and decision making environment within the organisation.

Part 2:  Build on Successful Thinking Skills

Clear Action is especially difficult in the face of a lack of information, or with the more modern problem of information overload.

This session highlights the strengths of good thinking to:

  • Quickly find the Purpose and Meaning of an argument or correspondence
  • Distinguish good logic from bad reasons when analysing large volumes of information and distilling to key points
  • Use the 3d Model (Fisher & Sharp) for successful Decision Actions


Part 3:  Develop Ideas for Action

This session focuses on removing obstacles and blockages that hinder successful action using both creative and analytical thinking. 

  • Using negative thinking to gain positive action with DNA Thinking technique.
  • Using ‘Force Field Analysis’ (Lewin) technique to aid decision making within a wider framework


Part 4: Achieve Confident Decision Making with Others

In this session, participants work on how to successfully lead others to action,

  • Using Cool Logic in Hot Situations participants learn to spot thinking errors as they happen and so avoid muddled and confused thinking that hinders clear, persuasive argument in group decision making.

*Each participant will receive a free copy of the book ‘Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking’ by Valerie Pierce (2014)

End of Programme:                                                                                                           © Valerie Pierce 2015

Trainer Profile Qualification & Relevant Experience


PROFILE:  Valerie Pierce, International Training Consultant and Author.Qualifications:  MA (Phil), MSc (Executive Coaching), FIITD, ACValerie is the Creator of the Clear & Critical Thinking Training Programmes since 1990 and is Author of the books ‘Quick Thinking on Your Feet.’ Published in Ireland (2003): Japan (2004): USA (2005): China (2006): Taiwan (2006): Indonesia (2007 Malaysia & Singapore (2013) and ‘Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking’ Published in Ireland (2014) and The Middle East (2015) 

Her international client list includes Private and Public Sector clients as well as Government Bodies such as:

Apple, Airbus, Accenture, Aviva, Hermes Fund Managers (UK), Irish Life, Standard Life Insurance. Ulster Bank, The Central Bank of Ireland, IBM, KPMG, Oracle, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, AIB group, Abbott & Merck Pharmaceuticals, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Law Society, Several Irish Government Departments, the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Enterprise Ireland, Smurfit Business School and RTE amongst others.

Please see www.clearthinkinginaction.com for full list.

Valerie is an Associate Faculty Member at Ashridge Business School, UK (Ranked No. 1 for Executive Education in UK, Financial Times 2012), where she trains groups on the Ashridge Leadership Programme as well as lecturing Executive MBA students, all from diverse financial and corporate backgrounds.  She is author of the Ashridge ‘Creative Problem Solving’ Learning Guide (2011) published on the Ashridge Virtual Learning website.


Website:  www.clearthinkinginaction.com

Email:      vpierce@clearthinkinginaction.com

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