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Workshop Overview

In this uncertain world it is vital the executive and general management team in your organisation are able to anticipate change early, understand the implications for your business and make timely decisions to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and keep the business on track. This Integrated Business Planning workshop shows how you can be prepared for the future, whatever it holds.


What is this workshop about?

Often referred to as advanced or next-generation S&OP, Integrated Business Planning is increasingly the business management process of choice for organisations all over the world. Integrated Business Planning represents the evolution of S&OP from its production planning roots into the fully integrated business management and supply collaboration process it is today.


This interactive workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the Integrated Business Planning process, what it takes to implement it successfully and the huge benefits it can bring. It shows how to align your planning processes with the business strategy over a 24 to 36-month horizon, with full product

portfolio management and financial integration, to ensure the organisation is working to a common agenda and single set of numbers. And it describes how the model can be applied equally effectively to single site organisations as it can to multi-site, multi-national matrix structures. The workshop shows how Integrated Business Planning can be used to identify gaps in business performance far enough ahead for the business to re-optimise in light of the changing circumstances, using scenario modelling to deliver the best result for the business.


Who is it for?

Ultimately everybody in the organisation needs to be engaged with the Integrated Business Planning process, since it is the process that will run the business. But critical to the success of any Integrated Business Planning implementation is the commitment and sponsorship of the organisation’s

most senior executive. This workshop is  designed for those senior executives, plus the general management team, specialists leading the supporting processes of product management, demand management and supply management, and the senior financial executive.




Workshop Overview

This session sets the scene for the workshop and provides a perspective for Integrated Business Planning: why would you introduce it into your organization; what is the scope of Integrated Business Planning; how does it relate to strategic planning and what are the fundamentals key to its success. The workshop overview also introduces the concept of business maturity, which determines your organization’s readiness for Integrated Business Planning and the pace at which it can be successfully implemented. Each of the sessions outlined below include dynamic breakout session to help you understand the current position of your own business and identify the main gaps for improvement for each element of the Integrated Business Planning process.


An introduction to Integrated Business Planning

This provides a high level view of the Integrated Business Planning process, identifying its individual elements, the sequence in which these elements are carried out and what the outline agenda is for each one. It also discusses the critical role of leadership in the successful implementation of Integrated Business Planning; what is required for effective facilitation of the process; and the nature of the teams typically involved.  As well as explaining the characteristics of the process, it also identifies the essential behaviours required to make it work. The breakout session will help you understand the readiness of your own organisation for Integrated Business Planning and what you need to do to prepare.



The workshop’s product section provides focus on what is required both for managing successful new product/service introduction and changes in your product or service portfolio. As well as an in depth look at the product review itself, the session explores the detail required for the successful execution of process.



Demand is often considered the
most difficult aspect of the Integrated Business Planning process and it is crucial to understand its fundamental role in developing business growth. This section of the workshop discusses the involvement of each of the core functions of the business in planning for demand over an extended horizon, and the various inputs required.


Supply Chain

It is a misconception common among many organisations, that the supply chain is the strongest element of their business management process, and one that requires little or no improvement. This section covers the entire supply chain process, its importance to Integrated Business Planning and the key ingredients to success.


Integrated Reconciliation and Management Review

These two critical processes are inextricably linked. This workshop session explains why Integrated Reconciliation is a continuous process, when it should carried out and who is responsible. The workshop also explains how the annual operating plan is created from the Integrated Business Planning process. The session reveals why the Management Business Review should be the meeting through which the organisation’s leadership team runs the entire business.  And it covers the concept of matrix organisations, plus the Integrated Business Optimization Process and Corporate Business Review.


The Proven Path

A well-planned and executed Integrated Business Planning implementation is critically the path to success. Here the workshop covers the key ingredients for your implementation and how to put those ingredients in place. Oliver Wight believe there a number of key components common to every successful Integrated Business Planning implementation and these are explained in this section.


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