Business Excellence Skillnet

9am – 1pm

Monday, June 8th

Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin

No Cost

Facilitated by JJ O'Riordan

The objective of this session is to develop and agree a middle management leadership development framework that delivers high performance managers.

This session is aimed at starting the process of developing a robust/sustainable Leadership Development model through the implementation of a framework for all Leadership levels that delivers expected results

This is an opportunity for member companies to get together as a group to amalgamate what we do when appointing a Middle Manager (get into the specifics/nuts & bolts) & develop a best practice framework/template that we can use to support leadership development

We would love to see you at this informal working discussion & that you will take away learning's including how other companies approach this area & what ideas have proved most effective for them. Contact to register your interest in attending


Agenda/Format for June 8th

Core skills for Middle Managers are below: (a consistent set of skills that, once developed, result in High Performance Management and Leadership)

  1. The ability of a manager, through Personal Presence, to create a High Trust Environment of Psychological Safety, Challenge, High Quality Relationships and Continuous Improvement which results in Sustainable High Performance
  2. The ability of a manager to address any sub-standard Performance through the power of Courageous Conversations.
  3. The ability of a manager to empower and develop their team members through the competencies of Coaching Conversations and Deep Listening.
  4. The ability of a manager to Manage Change and to address the issue of individual resistance to change.
  5. The ability of a manager to Manage Conflict in a timely and effective manner.
  6. The ability of a manager to align the individual needs of Team Members with the needs of the business to Maximize Individual Engagement

On June 8th, the group will take these six Management Competencies as the starting point for a group discussion and in particular to identify any gaps or additional competencies that may need to be added.

A successful outcome to the June 8th workshop is that all delegates are aligned on the list of competencies that Middle Managers need to either possess or acquire to be High Performance Managers.

Given that the intention for this initial meeting will be the identification of the Core Competencies of High Performance Middle Managers, this process is scalable and at some future point in time, we can follow a similar process to identify the Core Competencies of High Performance Leaders and the Core Competencies of High Performance Front Line Supervisors.

We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of free places for jobseekers on our network programmes subject to funding being available. Please click on the following link to check if you meet Jobseekers eligibility criteria

Skillnets funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills

The Business Excellence Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

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