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Date: March 27th – 29th

Cost: €1,500

Location: Dublin


Euromoney Learning Solutions, part of Euromoney Institutional Investor plc, is the leading global provider of
tailored learning solutions to the financial sector. For over 30 years, we have pioneered the delivery of high
quality, customised banking training to thousands of leading international financial clients. We are active in
approximately 180 countries and have a hugely diverse and international range of employees and training faculty,
with at least 10 languages spoken and presence in 6 continents. In the past 5 years alone, Euromoney Learning
Solutions have provided training for over 50,000 participants worldwide.
The workshop is designed to demonstrate building an aircraft lease model in stages showing how the financial
theory can be integrated into the modelling framework. In particular the workshop builds the individual cash
flows and calculates the returns and provides clear reporting and analysis.
This workshop explores:
 Lease model construction
 Application of financial mathematics
 Drivers of lessor and shareholder value
 Risk analysis and reporting
The workshop is highly practical and involves building a complete model. Delegates construct the model in
stages starting with a basic template and working through each of the sections.
The workshop is taught using formal lectures combined with a practical and interactive case study and exercises
to reinforce the concepts covered in each teaching session. Emphasis is placed on delegates gaining practical,
hands-on experience of the construction of financial models in Excel.
Comprehensive product notes and modelling software will be provided for future reference. Delegates receive a
full pack of Excel software and templates for future reference as part of the course materials
This is a course for analysts and practitioners who want to use Excel as a tool to assist with the decision making
process. Senior financial professionals using Excel spreadsheets who should attend include:
 Financial analysts,
 Aircraft analysts
 CFO's,
 Financial controllers,
 Analysts,
 Credit managers,
 Risk managers,
 Corporate finance staff.
Delegates will be expected to have finance knowledge and a working knowledge of Excel, including:
 Opening and closing Excel files
 Excel screen menu and standard toolbar
 Auto fill
 Moving around a worksheet
 Moving around the sheets in a workbook
 Creating files
 Deleting files and individual sheets
 Changing column width and row height
 Entering simple formulas
 Entering labels
 Cell referencing
 Centring titles and merging cells
 Simple cell formatting
 Number formats
 Changing font sizes and colours
 Copy, cut and pasting cell contents
 Inserting graphic objects
 Custom views
 Previewing worksheets
 Printing documents and ranges
 Basic financial functions – NPV, IRR, NPER, PV, PMT, RATE, FV
What you can gain
 Building an aircraft leasing model from an outline skeleton
 Application of project finance theory
 Clear understanding of the building blocks of the model
 Methods for exploring sensitivity and risk analysis
 How to present information and findings clearly
Alastair is a financial professional with extensive experience of finance and leasing. Alastair was previously a
director of a start-up leasing company where the directors expanded the business rapidly and eventually sold it
to a public company.
Later, Alastair established an independent lessor and consultancy where he conducts consulting and contracting
assignments on financial modelling. For Euromoney, Alastair designs and delivers courses covering aspects of
financial modelling, credit and leasing. He is the author of a number of finance publications e.g. Mastering
Financial Modelling, Mastering Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling, Mastering Risk Modelling and Mastering
Financial Mathematics in Excel together credit and leasing books such as Advanced Lease Finance and Lease
and Finance Evaluation.
Alastair has a degree in German and Economics from London University and an MBA. He has served as an
associate lecturer at the OUBS and as an examiner at the ifs School of Finance.


Skillnets funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills

The Aviation Finance Finuas Network is funded by member companies and the Finuas Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

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