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COURSE TITLE:      Supply Chain Optimisation

DATE:                            26th & 27th May  2015

LOCATION:               Dublin

MEMBER COST:      €2,495


Supply Chain Optimization

This workshop is for organisations that are serious about taking optimisation of the business beyond the factory gate and into the supply chain. It is no longer enough just to have your own business under control or simply rely on your customers and suppliers to keep their own houses in order.  Traditional supply chain planning tools and techniques are no longer sufficient for today’s business environment, where consumers and customers have an increasing role in driving business strategy. Collaboration throughout the supply chain is essential and it can bring significant benefits.


This workshop explains what is required to operate and implement an advanced supply chain planning process; one that plans, manages, optimises and ensures executional excellence throughout the supply chain delivering customer value. It shows you how to prepare your organisation for the introduction of optimisation processes, as supply chain matures and changes over time.


What is this workshop about?

This workshop shows the cost and service level benefits that can come from integrating and optimising internal and external supply chains. You will learn how to develop your processes and the capability of your people to create an advanced planning culture to take your organisation to the next stage of supply chain development.


You will be able to evaluate the maturity of your existing processes – their current level of capability; how they compare to your customers and suppliers; and how you can build on that capability. Plus, you will see how to align performance measures across the supply chain to drive improvement. Crucially, the workshop looks at the behaviours, roles and responsibilities required for effective supply chain planning and optimising - who is accountable for what, and how they should interface with corresponding roles in the supply chain network; both internal and external. The workshop examines the linkages between the supply chain and the Integrated Business Planning processes.


Who is it for?

The supply chain optimization workshop is suitable for the senior executive team, general management, supply chain directors and managers.


Workshop Content

Introduction to Supply Chain Excellence

The introduction provides the context for best practice supply chain planning. It looks at the key components required for successful integration and optimisation of plans across the supply chain; how strategic objectives

drive the supply chain; and the need to understand your own collaboration maturity level as well as that of your key partners. The workshop is highly interactive to help build your own processes.


Planning Across the Supply Chain

This section looks at the impact and requirements of key process elements as the business drives value through

the supply chain, and the challenges of building capability from ‘supply point thinking’ to ‘supply chain thinking’. It

explores the need for collaboration and for synchronisation to take cost out, and drive the alignment of processes.


Optimising Across the Supply Chain

This section addresses material flow and collaboration requirements required in optimising a multi-entity supply chain. It allows you to establish your position and capability within the supply chain and to optimise in the most effective way, forwards or backwards along the supply chain, taking account of any power players. The session will help your understanding of the shared cost and benefit to come from collaboration with supply partners, and alignment around corporate values and a single set of numbers.


Managing the Supply Chain

This section provides the practical governance methodology for managing and delivering your optimise design across strategic partners. It describes the benefits of the Integrated Business Planning process for deploying the aligned strategies across the strategic partners. The process identifies gaps in business performance far enough ahead for the Supply Chain to re-optimise in light of the changing circumstances.


Infrastructure and Supply Chain Systems

This session looks at the challenges of developing connectivity across the both internal and external supply chain. As the supply chain process matures there is greater need for systems and tools to support new ways of working. This session considers the types of tools to use, the infrastructure requirements and the challenges of data integrity across the supply chain.


Supply Chain Performance

Driving improvements across the supply chain requires an integrated suite of measures. This session looks at how to develop measures moving from single to multimode and to provide a holistic view. With a focus on strategic alignment, the session also shows how to organise these measures across a multi-node supply chain driving the right behaviours and establishing accountability to deliver your optimised design.


Proven Path

The Proven Path is critical to ensuring successful and sustainable deployment. However it is not easy across a multi-entity supply chain. Drawing on decades of experience, the Oliver Wight Proven Path explains the keys to successful implementation and development of your process - and how to go about achieving them

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