Webinar:  Diving deep: The Real Challenges of Culture Change and How to Work with it

Date: Monday, March 2nd at 13.00GMT

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This webinar explores the concept of "creating containers" for change and systemic approaches to coaching team performance.

Most organisations today are seeking business efficiencies and increased effectiveness. Many organisations talk about wanting to engender “a culture of accountability and performance”, and whilst performance management systems go some of the way… the real work of driving accountability involves some tough and revealing conversations.

Single-fix changes, such as Lean, Agile, Scrum, one-off training days, knowledge management, or some new process, may appear to make progress for a while, but eventually the interlocking elements of the organizational culture take over and the change is inexorably drawn back into the existing organizational culture like any fractal system self-organising.

Changing a culture is a large-scale undertaking and from a team’s perspective all of the organizational tools for changing minds will need to be put in play, starting with creating the ‘container’ for change.

There are many techniques, methods for culture change and this webinar covers one of the most important leadership tools to enable and inspire change and join-up the dots with other managerial tools such as operating procedures and training in order to foster transformational change.

We will share some insights on integrated development for organisational effectiveness making change stick and how to create the container for this.



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