Network Case Studies


Innovation & Lean Sigma Skillnet continued to work with a large number of manufacturing

companies during 2015 to help them achieve operational excellence, resulting in member

companies Abbott Diagnostics Longford and Lake Region Medical being awarded the

prestigious international Shingo accreditation for operational excellence.


Through delivery of the Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop, Shingo Summit and Shingo

Workshop, combined with best practice visit sto Bombardier, Covidien, Copeland and Depuy

during 2015, Innovation & Lean Sigma Skillnet provided a key platform for the leveraging and sharing of knowledge across companies.


The network provides a unique environment where companies can collaborate, facilitating innovative best practice visits,

which have led to significant business benefits and international Shingo recognition for participating companies.


The network’s work in this area has resulted in Ireland being recognised as a global centre of

excellence and a benchmarking country for organisations in pursuit of enterprise excellence

recognition through Shingo Prize accreditation.


The Innovation & Lean Sigma Skillnet has given us invaluable support in our

Operational Excellence journey which has been recognised through the award of the

Shingo Prize. They have provided us with a network to share knowledge and best

practice across different businesses. We have utilised their call for support system

to great effect and they have also supported our ongoing training needs through

identifying and providing high quality subsidised training programmes.

Furthermore, their network forums, best practice visits and business conferences

have provided us with a benchmark to grow and transform our organisation and to

help ensure our long-term success.

Sean Kelly, Phd Business Excellence Manager

Abbott Diagnostic Longford


Innovation & Lean Sigma Skillnet has given us fantastic support since Lake

Region Medical first began our lean journey in 2003. Their ability to arrange best

practice visits to some of the world’s topmanufacturing plants and to source

international operational excellence experts and bring them to Ireland for a knowledge transfer to take place were fundamental factors towards ensuring that Lake Region Medical’s goal of Shingo accreditation in 2015 became a reality.

Noel Hennessy, C.I. Director,

Lake Region Medical