Highest in IDA’s 67 year history

One-in-Five Private Sector Jobs Now Result from IDA-Supported FDI

IDA posts 66% Year-On-Year Rise in Job Creation adding 12,000 net Jobs

IDA IRELAND, the Government agency responsible for attracting foreign direct investment, has today announced the highest level of employment in its client companies in its 67 year history. Total employment at overseas companies now stands at 187,056 people, the highest level on record.

IDA client companies created just under 19,000 (18,983) jobs on the ground during the year across a range of sectors, with every region of Ireland posting net gains in jobs. Net jobs were 11,833 compared to 7,131 in the same time period last year – representing a year-on-year rise of 66%.

The latest result means that more than one-in-five private sector jobs in the economy (direct and indirect employment), are as a result of IDA-supported FDI representing a vital economic contribution by the multinational sector. The performance was produced against a background of global economic uncertainty, intense competition from other jurisdictions and a changing global taxation landscape.