EMC Ireland VP & Managing Director, Bob Savage was awarded Most Trusted Leader in Ireland 2012, by John Ryan, CEO, Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW) during  the 2012 ceremony held in Dublin on the 22nd of February 2012

This is a phenomenal achievement for all at EMC Ireland and especially for Bob Savage. EMC has, yet again, been recognised, this time for it's talented leadership.   Being awarded  Most Trusted Leader is a barometer.
"There is no question that the brand of a GPTW goes beyond hiring great talent.  It is truly a badge of honour across the EMC ecosystem and across emerging markets, people see that this is a company that respects it’s staff, develops it’s staff and of course, when customers see that, they see that this is a company I would like to work with, that I can trust.  And when you talk about cloud computing, a lot of it is about trust, in terms of trusting where cloud can take us.  So when we have GPTW with us, it is a key element where people can say yes, this is a company I can go on this journey with."


"When you are a leader, it’s working with, inspiring and being inspired by the people you work with.  The wisdom that comes from that, hard to put a value on it, but that’s a key part.  When you come to take on a key role, some of the fundamentals are still the same.  You lead by example, inspire people, you look for passion, you do the simple things well.  All of this applies, regardless of what leadership role you are in " 


Bob Savage is a keynote speaker at the ICBE Annual Conference 2012 at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin on April 18/19.

The Conference title is ‘’Driving Performance Through Business Transformation’’ and

Bob will speak on ‘’The Transformation Imperative’’


Full details of the conference are available on our website