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Become a Member

Membership of ICBE is available to all businesses on a corporate membership basis only. To take out membership for your company please complete this form.

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The Benefits of your Company Joining ICBE

The Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) is an Irish based, not for profit, cross sector business-excellence/knowledge-sharing network of organisations.

  • The network provides a platform for companies to share knowledge and bestpractice across all business functions – all activities organised by the centre are a direct response to member needs.
  • We can link you with your counterpart in other companies in or outside your sector, enabling you to interact with like- minded business professionals and practitioners.
  • We organise networking forums around topics of interest to you and provide expert speakers where necessary, drawing on the expertise of thought leaders from industry and academia.
  • ICBE partners with world class trainers, offering best in class learning, education and development programmes to improve performance of our members. We provide tailored, cost effective, quality learning solutions at substantially reduced costs – often by as much as of 30%. Indeed, many member companies have recovered their annual membership fee in a matter of a few months.
  • We organise best practice/benchmarking visits to companies in Ireland and abroad who demonstrate excellence in a variety of processes and business functions.
  • We have set up several regionally based ICBE forums and organise meetings on topics of interest to members and provide networking opportunities.
  • Our call for support process helps member companies access knowledge,information and solutions quickly across all business functions, thus helping them solve problems, reduce costs and save valuable time.
  • We organise highly effective and interactive conferences and symposiums on topics of interest to our members both at regional and national level.
  • We invite internationally recognised experts to speak at events and to visit member companies to address senior managers on topics such as Innovation, Lean, HRM, Learning, Education & Development, Business Transformation, ROI etc.
  • Information regarding all planned activities is published on our website ( and the outcomes of all programmes and events are available to members via a secure password.

I would certainly recommend ICBE Membership. It’s been good for us – offering us opportunities to network, get funded training, go to events and conferences and get to know the greatest and the best talk about what they do. I would endorse companies becoming involved.

Sean Feeney, Director - Alkermes

For me it’s the alignment of purpose. I have a huge passion for problem solving – creating an environment where everyone in the organisation can solve problems for themselves and really harnessing the power of peoples’ minds. This is exactly what ICBE is about but on a national scale; creating that environment for the whole of Ireland to make us more competitive across the globe.

David Dunne, Operations Director, Kerry Foods

Being part of ICBE allows us to be part of a broad community and provides opportunities for collaboration and sharing. We’ve had the opportunity to benchmark and learn from others doing things better than us and to really continuously improve together. I would definitely recommend becoming a member of ICBE – for their level of commitment, engagement and interaction.

Judith McMullan, International Operations Manager, Abbott