ICBE has successfully facilitated the first ever European Shingo Systems two-day workshop, a newly developed course to support business excellence through effective systems design.  Hosted by Bausch + Lomb Waterford, this course was attended by representatives of industry from across Europe and Ireland, together with a sharing of learning within the local South East region through an open discussion forum. 

Partnering with the Shingo Institute the ICBE organised the training with facilitator Dr Hakeem Hammad, an internationally recognised leader and expert in implementing business excellence.

The event was also attended by Shaun Barker, head of global operations for Shingo. In addition to Bausch + Lomb participants, the course was attended by representatives from Waterford Institute of Technology, Ball Corporation, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Eirgen, Nypro, Carbery, Astellas Ireland, and multiple Abbott sites.

“We were very pleased with the level of interest and participation in this course, with significant learnings reported by all companies attending in how to take the next step in their business excellence journeys, as well as progressing Ireland’s overall business excellence focus,” says Kieran Noonan, who leads Bausch + Lomb Waterford Operations and Global Enterprise Excellence for the Bausch + Lomb contact lens network.  

“Ireland has the most Shingo-recognised sites per capita in the world. Our adoption of the Shingo system is part of a broader global approach that is being implemented across the Bausch + Lomb network and within the overall Bausch Health Corporation,” adds Kieran, who is also the Chairman of the ICBE and member of the Shingo Executive Board.

Leaders from the WIT, Eirgen, Ball, Abbott & ICBE
Kieran Noonan Bausch & Lomb & Shaun Barker
Companies attending:  Ball, Teva, Eirgen, Nypro, Astellas, Abbott, Analogue Devices, Carbery, Waters Technology, ICBE & Bausch + Lomb