Leadership Development Working Group

This Working Group came about as a result of a member company using the ICBE Call For Support process to look for advice and recommendations in the Leadership Development area.  The company was in the process of restructuring their leadership development framework in terms of formal and informal development and was eager to benchmark against other companies’ experiences and/or the format they use.

Due to the large response and interest in the area of Leadership Development, ICBE organised a Working Group Discussion in  Athlone hosted by the originating company.  The areas covered were – This is What We Do; This is The Structure; Recommended Training Providers; Lessons Learned and How Do you Measure Success.  This cross-sectoral knowledge-sharing session was a great success and attendees left with many learnings including how other companies approach Leadership Development & what ideas have proved most effective for them.

Another Working Group Discussion provided an opportunity for member companies to get together as a group to amalgamate what they do when appointing a Manager (get into the specifics/nuts & bolts) & develop a best practice framework/template that they can use to support leadership development.

This Group proved very valuable to member companies that want to network and learn from/work with their peers to continuously improve their Leadership Development framework.  In addition, the originating company ended up using the facilitator of these sessions to run a Leadership Development program for their Leadership Team to great success.



A Mentoring Network Forum started from a Call For Support where a company requested information about other companies’ formal Mentoring frameworks. Many companies indicated their interest in this area and one of our members volunteered to host an event where she shared her vast knowledge and experience.

The Waterford Mentoring Network Forum was attended by 10 member companies and the host company brought the group through their experience of formal mentoring …

  • scope, approach and objectives of the program
  • program guidebook
  • most and least mentoring functions utilised in the mentoring relationships
  • issues and challenges
  • learning and tips

Just a short note to say thank you both very much for including me in the Mentoring Networking Event. Grainne for all the organisation and Jackie for the great information you are so willing to share.  I have been saved about 6 month’s work as will definitely use a lot of the methodology you shared.                                                                        OD & Talent Management Manager, Stryker Ireland

Our member companies’ willingness to share knowledge with other companies in many different sectors is a core strength of the ICBE network.  This cross-sectoral enterprise-led sharing of knowledge helps member companies and Ireland Inc. to get to the top of the international competitiveness table.  These events are opportunities for member companies to learn from each other and share knowledge in priority areas of interest.

The next Mentoring Networking Forum in Cork was very well received.  Over 30 people from 14 companies attended this event where Dr. Carole Hogan, UCC spoke about “What Makes a Strong Mentoring Program” & an experienced practitioner from one of our member companies outlined their practical journey “Mentoring at Kerry Group”.

This forum was in response to member companies finding it difficult to retain graduates. New graduates are happy to join a company for their Graduate Program but then leave very shortly afterwards.  This is a major issue for companies and Mentoring & Coaching programs are becoming key to retaining graduates and other employees & also increasing the productivity and innovation of all employees, especially top talent.

The knowledge-sharing opportunities provided by ICBE are an invaluable way of learning from and benchmarking against other companies. This peer-to-peer transfer of knowledge is a shortcut to key learnings that have helped us to develop important Learning & Development interventions such as Mentoring,  Multi -Generational Training & Sponsorship Programs to name a few.

ICBE provides member companies with the opportunity to network with other organisations & to support each other through knowledge sharing in a rapidly changing business environment.                                                                  HR/L&D Specialist, Boston Scientific Cork

People/HR Analytics

After seeing an increase in Call For Support activity around HR Analytics in 2016 (Talent Management/HR Metrics etc.) ICBE organised two HR/People Analytics workshops in October 2017.

We received a lot of interest in the October workshops: 16 people attended the Introductory Workshop: Driving Business Results with Workforce Analytics; 6 attended the Master Class: Taking People Analytics to the Next Level.  This re-enforces our findings that many companies in Ireland are at the beginning of their People Analytics journeys.

ICBE was delighted to be able to bring a world-renowned expert in People Analytics, Max Blumberg, to Ireland so that member companies had the opportunity to learn from his experience and his expertise.


  • Very informative, well structured
  • This was a great course.
  • Many thanks for arranging the event on Wednesday, I found it really beneficial and look forward to putting it into practice
  • Just to drop a note to say we really enjoyed the training event yesterday and we are sorry to be missing the second part
  • Excellent… Hopefully will try to continue this learning.  Thanks!
  • More tools / looking at actual cases.  That might need extension of course.
  • Great course. I’d like to get a list of the case studies, books and publications referred to during the day.  It would also be beneficial to share the contact details of all participants for future network, LinkedIn group etc.
  • Overall, an excellent course – would highly recommend
  • Very well facilitated and informative.  Let the people analytics journey commence! A lot of food for thought.
  • Due to the interest in People Analytics and the lack of training programs available in this area, ICBE successfully applied to develop a HR Analytics Fundamentals program in2017.  We training program will be offered to member companies in early 2018 and we plan on developing a further program – HR Analytics Advanced – in 2018 also.  This will allow our members to advance their knowledge and their careers through this new ICBE training framework.

40% do not currently have a data analytics capability within HR. HR analytics (53%) and data analysis (38%) were also noted as the areas with the largest skills gap.  However, the good news is that this skills deficiency may be in the process of being addressed as the majority (62%) plan to increase spending on HR technology in the coming 18 months.  The priority areas for this investment are core HR systems, HR analytics and performance management systems.                                                      Shaping Ireland’s future talent landscape, 2017 PwC HRD Pulse Survey