Last week we held the first of our Lunchtime Bites Webinars, with coach and organisational behavior specialist Fiona Buckley  delivering her top ten tips for retaining staff. The 65 people who registered for the online event showed the appetite for short snappy online learning sessions and the consist interest in keeping talent.

Over the course of 20 minutes Fiona heighted the problems with retaining staff quoting some key stats like 43% of millennials envisage leaving their jobs within 2 years to and 28% are looking to stay beyond 5 years before sharing her lifetime of expertise.

Fiona’s top ten list included:

  1. Focus on your Employer Branding & Candidate Experience
  2. Set Expectations
  3. Provide Excellent Managers
  4. Provide Coaching & Mentoring
  5. Tailor Engagement and Win Hearts and Minds
  6. Promote flexible WOW
  7. Listen and listen more
  8. Internal talent spotting & career growth
  9. Analyse “leavers” data and have a proper Offboarding Process
  10. Be unique in your offering

Fiona’s session finished off with a quick Q&A where the virtual attendee submitted their questions through the chat function ranging from influence of benefits to problem managers.

The full video is available below:

Based on the feedback we have received 20 minutes at lunchtime is a good time for our busy members.  Next up are

  • Applying Lean in the Office
  • The Future of the World of Work

Stay tuned for the details but we would love to hear about areas you would like us to include in future Lunchtime Bites.

Presentation deck from the webinar is below.

ICBE Retention webinar