Date: Thursday, November 29th 2018

 Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Venue: Cork

Cost: €145 member; €199 non member (per person)  Skillnet funding applied

Programme Overview:

Up your game with this one-day Communication and Assertiveness workshop. This workshop is all about stepping up. Stepping up to the mark at work, keeping up with expectations and upping your performance. Targeted at people who find it uncomfortable speaking up, standing up, influencing, managing and communicating upward, having difficult conversations or dealing with conflict in the workplace.

Do you leave work meetings or conversations often feeling frustrated, believing you did not deal with situations appropriately, you did not say what you truly wanted to say or that it just came out wrong. If so, this workshop can help you.

This workshop is very much an exploration of the participant’s current reality in relation to these difficulties with a view to upping skills in the areas of:

In this workshop, we use a blended learning approach where the preferences of all adult learner types have been taken into consideration. There is time for self-reflection, group work and future action planning. The result being a change for the better ‘upping’ wellbeing and performance at work.

Programme Objectives:

Training Provider

Michelle Dinneen – Ardin Career Development

Michelle holds a Masters in Human Resource Leadership, is a Master Trainer and has over 15 year’s experience in Operations and HR training in a multinational environment.

Michelle specialises in creative and innovative programme design, customisation and delivery.

Michelle’s energy, enthusiasm and rapport building training style combined with interactive participant activities ensure an educational and an enjoyable learning experience for all.