Date: 15th May 2018 | 9.00am to 5.00pm

Cost: Member TBC

Programme Name

Leading People & Teams

Programme Overview

The Leading People and Teams programme aims to develop the capability and confidence of managers, supervisors and team leaders in the basic skills required to manage effectively. It provides a structure and supportive framework for increasing self-awareness, building and maintaining positive workplace relationships, identifying everyday challenges and developing strategies and techniques for managing effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of team leader/frontline supervisor/manager and the capabilities required to execute the role successfully
  • The most successful leadership characteristics and behaviours
  • How to develop and lead a high performing team
  • To manage your own work and time more effectively
  • Most successful ways to approach challenging workplace behaviours
  • Develop awareness of your own management style
  • The development of a management thought process
  • Appreciation for the role and motivation of management in leading change and implementing strategy.


Who is the course for

Practising and aspiring supervisors, team leads and managers who require a deeper understanding of the management part of their role within the organisation.


Module 1: Managing Vs Leading. The roles and responsibilities of the manager. Different management styles.

Module 2: Planning and Managing Time and Workload. Taking responsibility. Delegating. Prioritising. Managing effective meetings.

Module 3: Communication and Influencing. Building and maintaining effective workplace relationships.

Module 4:  Problem Solving & Decision Making. Managing high performing teams. Team leadership skills

Module 5: Coaching. Most effective coaching methods. Leadership and Change.

Mentoring Support Plan

LBS Partners will provide 4 hours of coaching per participant to support the application of learning to participant’s job roles. This will take place during the delivery period of the training course.

The purpose of coaching will be to review the participant’s progress and learning and how they have applied acquired skills and knowledge to their jobs. This will be reviewed using the Personal Reflective Log which will be completed over the course of the classroom-based learning by each participant. This is also an opportunity to focus on or discuss a particular question or issue they may have in relation to the topics covered in the classroom. This is a useful way to ensure that near-the-job learning is a core component of learning following on from participation in this programme.



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