Increase your Personal Productivity

 Date: Wednesday, October 9th – NEW DATE – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Location: Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick

Cost: €125 Member; €165 Non Member (per person) Skillnet funding applied


In increasingly frenetic Irish workplaces, time is a scarce asset. Tight deadlines, demands on time and never-ending streams of emails mean that people often feel over-burdened and stressed out. This course enables individuals to deal effectively with the problem of time poverty, while successfully achieving personal and organisational goals.

Who is this course for?

This Time Management /Personal Effectiveness course is aimed at individuals who wish to:

  • Maximise productivity at work
  • Understand personal barriers to the management of time
  • Successfully achieve personal and company goals
  • Negotiate a better work-life balance

 You will learn how to:

  • Use best practice time management techniques
  • Prioritise effectively – analyse you time
  • Plan (and implement plans) successfully
  • Organise yourself within plans
  • Delegate effectively
  • Manage projects within timeframes
  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Implement Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
      • BE PROACTIVE – Anticipate and Plan
      • BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND – Set Clear Goals and Objectives
      • PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST – Prioritise Activities
      • UNDERSTAND AND BE UNDERSTOOD – Communicate and Listen
      • SYNERGISE – Understand the Other Person’s Position
      • SEEK WIN-WIN – Find Balanced Solutions to Achieve Goals & Maintain Relationships
      • SHARPEN THE SAW – Renew and Review – Seek Constant Improvements
  • Understand the impact that stress has on your behaviour
  • Change your habitual responses to stressful situations
  • Stay calm and focused despite uncertainty
  • Reduce unnecessary stress with time management techniques
  • Prevent stress escalating into anxiety and burnout

How will you learn?

This course involves an interactive workshop format and will consist of a mix of:

  • Teaching by an expert trainer using a variety of quality learning materials
  • Group and individual learning activities
  • Group discussion
  • Personal action plans for future time management scenarios

Facilitator:  Helen Keown-England

For the last 19 years, Helen has worked in the field of PR, Branding and Sales, delivering her expertise through training, mentoring and coaching.  Helen has worked with some of the top retailers and brands in the world – from FMCG, Fashion, the Motor Industry to Global Pharmaceutical and Government Agencies. She delivers her message in a no-nonsense, jargon free manner; focusing on the power of Human Behaviour.

In her early career, Helen held National roles in developing Sales and Marketing Strategies for a number of prominent organisations in Ireland. During this time she developed in-house training programmes on areas such as: Brand Awareness; Yield Management; Relationship Marketing; Sales and Customer Service.

Helen has also provided  sales and marketing consultancy, delivered presentation skills, time management and  report writing  and has mentored business owners and facilitated Middle and Senior Management in the areas of people management, business development and strategic planning.