Date: Thursday 19th November 2015

Location: Dublin

Trainer: IBT

Cost: €240  funding applied


Motivate, Support and Encourage your Team

Effective mentoring provides support that identifies the qualities and abilities in other people and develops them.  It identifies difficulties and finds ways around them or circumvents them where appropriate.  If it very important at the outset to understand the difference between mentoring and coaching.  Mentoring involves a partnership between an experienced mentor and a mentee who wants to learn from that experience.  Coaching involves a relationship between a professionally trained coach and coachee who needs to clarify and accomplish specific development and performance goals. This session focuses on the techniques by which managers develop and improve the performance of their team through mentoring.


Who is this course for?

This session is initially aimed at Managers/Supervisors whose opinions and direction will be incorporated in the roll out of further programmes



Defining your role(s)

Understanding Mentoring

How you can act as a Mentor – expectations of Mentees

The difference between Coaching and Mentoring

Developing relationships and creating trust

Understanding the need for open communication

Setting clear objectives

Dealing with emotions (EI)

Dealing with conflict and difficult situations

Building confidence and developing rapport


How will you learn?

This course involves an interactive workshop format and will consist of a mix of:

Teaching by an expert trainer using a variety of quality learning materials

Group and individual learning activities

Group discussion

Opportunity to practice relevant mentoring scenarios and receive detailed feedback



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