Duration: 5 days

Dates 12th to 16th  June 2017

Location: Atlantic Aviation Group Ltd


Target Group Employees in an aviation related industry (technical, financial
etc) who have a desire to attain an appreciation of the aircraft type.

Exam Multi-choice written examinations.

Certificate In House Certificate.
Course Objectives

 The learner shall be able to provide a simple description of the
whole subject, using common words and examples, using typical
terms and identify safety precautions related to the airframe, its
systems and powerplant. Define the general layout of the aircraft
and powertplant major systems.
Course Content
3 days of instruction includings aircraft visit. Each system is
described from a component, an installation, and an operation
standpoint, Flight compartment instruments and panel
information have been included to assist in describing the
system operation. The principal characteristics and major
structural elements are tabulated and shown as required.