8 Step Problem Solving Workshop


Date: 19th March 2019

Cost: ICBE Member fee €195   Non-Member fee €245

Facilitator: Noel Hennessy (MD Practical Lean Solutions)

Location: TBC


Programme Overview

This interactive workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and problem-solving skills required to address the true root cause of problems in order to prevent them from reoccurring. The participants will also learn valuable lessons in how to successfully introduce a system and culture of problem solving into all areas of their organisation. The 8 Step approach is a powerful yet practical method that can be rolled out to employees at all levels so that problem resolution is no longer confined to technical specialists, thereby providing organisations with a genuine competitive advantage when it comes to eliminating waste (non-value adding activities). To ensure that a transfer of knowledge takes place, this one-day workshop has been specifically designed for a cohort of twenty participants to practice using the 8 Step problem solving skills on an actual real-world problem


Learning Outcomes

Understand the benefits of applying the Problem Solving Method

Learn the 8 Step Approach

Gain practical experience of using the 8 Step Approach.

Identify the common pitfalls to avoid with introducing a problem solving system

Learn valuable insights to ensure successful implementation

Discover the power of concise A3 reporting.

Who is the course for.

Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, Front Line Associates




Step 1 – Clarify the problem

Step 2 – Break down the problem

Step 3 – Set the target

Step 4 – Analyze the root cause

Step 5 – Develop countermeasure

Step 6 – Implement countermeasures

Step 7 – Evaluate both results & processes

Step 8 – Standardise successful practices

Trainer Profile & Logo & Website

Noel Hennessey is the founder of Practical Lean Solutions www.practicalleansolutions.com, and has over 20 years’ experience of implementing C. I. programmes. In his role as Enterprise Excellence Director at his former employer Lake Region Medical Noel led the company to achieve Shingo Bronze Medallion status in 2012. In 2015 Noel’s responsibilities were expanded to include plants in France, Germany and Malaysia. He received his MSc in Lean Operations from Cardiff University in 2007 and has recently completed a Doctorate in Business Administration at Waterford Institute of Technology which explored the relationship between C.I. and Employee Engagement.

Nicola Murphy spent 17 years with Lake Region Medical. She completed her Lean MSc at Cardiff University before being selected to receive 8 Step Problem Solving Instructor training at the University of Kentucky in 2008. Nicola’s natural flair and proficiency at problem solving led to her becoming the site champion where she was responsible for leading a significant number of process improvements and cost saving projects using this process. Nicola has trained and mentored over 500 Lake Region employees in the 8 Step process and played an integral role in developing Lake Region’s Problem Solving System.