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CPD Hours: 3:30

Cost:  Contact the centre

Location: Chartered Accountants House | 47 Pearse St, Dublin 2, Ireland


Learning Mode: Classroom based

Next available date: Thursday, October 20, 2016 9:30:00 am

This course will provide an understanding of the consequences of applying IFRS 16 which generally brings the obligation to pay rentals on foot of an operating lease onto the balance sheet. To this end, the course will cover the recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements of IFRS 16 Leases.


Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone involved in a lease/buy decision and needing to understand the accounting consequences;
  • Finance Directors, financial controllers and accountants wishing to ensure that the financial statements for which they are responsible have been prepared in accordance with the rules in IFRS as regards leases; and
  • Auditors with clients preparing financial statements in accordance with IFRS;

Topics covered?

  • Financial implications of treating operating leases on balance sheet – impact on various financial statement metrics eg EBITDA; EBIT; gearing; ROCE;
  • Buy or lease decision – the accounting implications
  • Scope of IFRS 16
  • Recognition requirements and exemptions – no distinction between operating and finance leases
  • The definition of a lease and identifying a lease
  • The term of a lease
  • Initial Measurement of the right of use lease asset and of the obligation – the lease liability
  • Subsequent Measurement
  • Presentation: statement of financial position and profit or loss impacts
  • Disclosure
  • Lessor accounting – finance and operating leases distinction remains
  • Sale And Leaseback Transactions and assessing whether the transfer of the asset is a sale

How they will be covered e.g. lecture style, workshop?

The topics will be covered mainly by presentation supported by examples. Participants are encouraged to interact as much as possible during the session.

The learning outcomes

Participants will be better equipped to understand the accounting implications of entering a lease when the new standard is effective and better able to articulate the accounting consequences in advance of any buy/lease decision