Achieving Face to Face Impact in Virtual Classroom Training (F2FVC)
2.5 hours (30 mins self-managed pre-work and 2 hours virtual classroom via Zoom)

Date: Thurs, July 9th
Times: 10am – 12noon
Cost: €45 per person
Funded by the Skillnet COVID-19 Response Fund


For anyone facing the challenges of designing or delivering training in a Virtual Classroom

This two-hour virtual classroom session includes: Chat check ins, Q&A interaction throughout, Polls, Breakout room exercises.

30 additional minutes of pre-work required.

Program Outline
1. Pre-work: 30 mins self-managed learning (Challenges, Success & Failure)
2. Set the scene and Scene the set
3. Adopting a virtual mindset
– Mins v’s hours
– Blended learning – Self-managed, Social and Virtual Classroom
– Instructions
– Technophobia
4. Challenges, Success and Failures (pre-work check in)
5. Effective engagement techniques
6. Designing for or transferring to a virtual classroom
– Defining and deconstructing ‘rigid objectives’
– Visuals
– Dual tool usage
– Media messages
– Activities
– The internet is your friend
– Check ins
– Find me
7. Training effectiveness
– Proof & Compliance
8. Interactive Learning Review
9. Q&A
10. Close

Trainer: Michelle Dinneen, Ardin Career Development

Ardin Career Development is owned and run by Michelle Dinneen.

Michelle is qualified to Masters level in Human Resource Leadership and is a Master Trainer.

Michelle has over 15 years experience in both Operations and HR training, learning & development in a regulated multi national environment.

Programmes are creative, interactive and overall an enjoyable learning experience.