Date: 17th May

Location: Talent Garden Innovation School DCU Alpha Campus Glasnevin Dublin 11

Time: 8.30am -7.00pm

Cost: €637.50 – ICBE Members Cost is €550.

Programme Overview

Don’t be left behind. Make your organisation AI Ready.

This 1-day immersive AI Ready Masterclass is for managers who need to learn about how AI will impact and transform their business. The course covers key developments in AI innovation, value chain, ethics, hiring for AI and how to develop an AI strategy in order to take your organisation to the next level and make it AI Ready.

We are in the golden age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and already it is changing every sector and every aspect of our lives. Whether its education, healthcare or transportation with the help of AI your business will evolve rapidly, and without AI your products, markets and customers are exposed to risk from competitors who rapidly adopt such technologies. It’s not as easy as picking an off-the-shelf AI technology and running with it. This Masterclass will help you identify and circumvent challenges as well as harness the benefits of this new technology.

Learning Outcomes

Foundations of Deep Learning & Machine learning

– AI applications for business and products

– Develop an AI strategy for your business

– How AI helps you to understand customers better

– How AI improves customer engagement and propels sales

– AI ethics and Accessible AI

– How to mitigate against risks associated with AI

Who is the course for

CEOs and managers who do not want to be left behind and need an accelerated deep dive into Artificial Intelligence within a business context. It is for the business leader who recognises the opportunities that AI brings and it explores how to prepare to seize these opportunities and mitigate associated risks.

AI will have a profound impact on your people, your business and your customers. This masterclass takes a practical look at how your AI efforts go from product roadmaps into markets. Industry experts discuss how to lead your organisation to develop an AI strategy, which will help you to determine the right applications and do so with speed and scale.


1 day AI Ready Masterclass (17 May)

This 1 day AI Ready Masterclass is a practical, deep dive into the application of AI – and a real understanding of how it is going to impact your business.

9.30 – 13.00 Context & industry application

Opening Lecture David Maloney (CTO Movidius/Intel) kicks off with AI overview, context and how AI is right now impacting the bottom line. He advocates that if managers and CEOs are not aware of the impact that AI has on your products, markets and customers you are exposed to risk from competitors who rapidly adopt such technologies!

· AI Entrepreneur Ubotica Technologies; AI Applications from Space to Warehousing Fintan Buckley will show their application of AI tech from space, to warehousing to medical.

· Tech Founder Keith Davey Marino Software Chatbots & Your Bottom line (with clients including KBC, Aviva Hedge Fund, Permanent TSB, Publicis, KPC) Keith brings it back to basics with standard applications of AI in insurance/banking with chatbots, onboarding.

Lunch in Talent Garden Cafe

12.30 – 16.15 Workshop – The AI Ready Canvas gets managers to focus on developing an AI strategy.  This is a 360 view of AI across all functions – Sales, HR, Finance, IT, Operations. Founder & Data Scientist Stephanie Locke delivers this practical workshop on the key areas that managers need to look at in order to develop an effective AI Strategy. This hands-on workshop brings AI back to the basics of getting value out of data and analytics.

 16.15 – 17.00 Final session: Project Debater (IBM)

Lecture from IBM Researcher in Natural Language Processing Dr, Francesca Bonin who worked on the Project Debater. On one level, Francesca presents this AI system that engages with humans in a live debate. She was one of the Natural Language Processing Research Scientists on Project Debater and she shares insights into its development and the power of understanding human language. On another level and bringing it back to practical basics for our masterclass participants, Francesca talks about the basic underlying technologies (text, speech recognition) and their applications in other areas. This session ends with an engaging discussion around the technology and the implications moral, ethical, social and cultural regarding these AI systems.

17.00 – 17.30 Talent Garden – Reflection and Close.

17.30 – 18.30 Networking social



The AI Ready Masterclass at Talent Garden was a great overview of the benefits and challenges of implementing an AI strategy. I found the sessions to be really informative and the workshop gave a fantastic framework to address AI readiness in your organisation. Rachel Waite, Senior Marketing Lead at Client Solutions

This level of organisation and professionalism that went into this event is unmatched in any other training event I have been to. The speakers are at the top of the industry and you couldn’t ask for better. Evan Darcy, CEO of Robotify

The training was an amazing experience! All the lectures were delivered in a very engaging way, they broadened my understanding of the potential scopes of AI and also of all the challenges in applying it. Francesco Pilla, Director of UCD Spatial Dynamics Lab

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Talent Garden Innovation School is an innovative educational institute offering Masterclasses and courses in the fields of digital technologies and innovation, with a focus on coding, data, design, marketing and business. By putting people at the centre through a cutting-edge training methodology, our Innovation School brings new cultures and skills into businesses and offers upgrades and updates to those operating in the work environment.