Location: Dublin

Date: 18th May 2018

Cost: €295 pp from 9.00 am  to 5.00 pm

Are you working in the Aviation Industry in a Non-Technical Role and need to understand what the technical people are talking about?

Lufthansa Technik Shannon has just launched this new course.

Programme Overview:


This is a one day level 1 basic introduction to modern aircraft, their engines and aircraft systems.

The course also covers how an aircraft fly’s and includes a basic introduction to maintenance planning and terms / acronyms that are used in the industry.

It is designed especially for non-technical staff that are involved in the aircraft leasing and finance industry.


Programme Objectives


Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to identify the major aircraft types are used in commercial aviation today.

Understand the basics of ow an aircraft flies.  Understand what makes up the construction and systems of an aircraft and the terminology

used today.  They will have basic understanding of what’s involved in aircraft maintenance planning, certification and airworthiness requirements.


Aircraft Appreciation Course Syllabus


  1. Introduction to the Training Course
  2. Identify the main types of passenger aircraft that are in service today
  3. The structure of a modern aircraft
  4. Basic Aerodynamica – How’s does an aircraft fly
  5. The flight controls of a modem aircraft
  6. Introduction to Aircraft System (The Air Transport Association (ATA Chapters)
  7. Maintenance Planning
  8. Aircraft Certification & Release Procedures
  9. The Aircraft Maintenance Program
  10. What are Airworthiness Directives / Service Bulletins / Modifications
  11. What are Limited life Part

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