Assertive, Direct, Respectful Communication

 Date: Thursday, November 14th – 9.30am – 5pm

Location: Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Cost: €125 Member; €165 Non Member (per person) Skillnet funding applied


Assertiveness is grounded in mutual respect – respect for the person you are communicating with, as well respect for your own opinions and needs. By clearly and confidently asserting your needs, interpersonal conflict can be reduced as expectations and boundaries are laid out in an unambiguous fashion. This can lead to reduced stress levels, improved self-esteem and the respect of others in the workplace.

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at individuals who wish to:

  • Develop assertive habits and techniques
  • Improve communication with Colleagues, Managers, Customers and Suppliers
  • Manage expectations and communicate needs
  • Maintain work-life balance and boundaries

Program Outline

  • How to get real understanding with others
  • Communicating your message in an assertive professional manner
  • Understanding the differences between assertive/aggressive/passive behaviour
  • Understanding how being assertive differs from being aggressive and submissive
  • Showing respect at all times
  • Creating an open environment for communication
  • Getting your message across
  • Barriers to effective communication – learning to break down those barriers
  • Influencing techniques – strategies to influence the behaviour of others
  • Developing collaborative working relationships
  • Making a persuasive case for something you want
  • Gaining acceptance of your view
  • Effective listening – the importance of awareness
  • Addressing work situations in an assertive manner
  • How self-esteem affects behaviour and how to build confidence
  • How to say what you mean without causing offence
  • The importance of body language in communication
  • Avoiding conflict and managing it when it arises
  • Giving and receiving feedback/praise and constructive criticism
  • Achieving win-win

How will you learn?  This course involves an interactive workshop format and will consist of a mix of:

  • Teaching by an expert trainer using a variety of quality learning materials
  • Group and Individual learning activities
  • Group discussion
  • Role plays of real-life work scenarios

Training Provider: Irish Business Training (IBT)