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LOCATION:  Bunratty Castle Hotel, Bunratty, Co. Clare

COST:  €245

9.00 am   Finance Governance Challenges

Value Added Consulting – Mick O’Callaghan

This hands-on four hour workshop considers some of the finance-based challenges in implementing an effective Governance Infrastructure.

The workshop will consider:

Human Decision Making Processes – how do employees in an organisation make decisions, especially in relation to processes and controls?

Communicating Decisions Effectively – when finance communicates, does everyone understand?

Variables in Finance decision Making – Finance is not Science, it is based on estimates. We look the process of estimating, and see how it can impact our financial decisions.

1.00pm – Lunch


1.45 pm   Risk Management in Aviation Finance and Leasing

Orla McCullagh -Dept. of Accounting & Finance, University of Limerick

The aim of this presentation is to introduce the multi-faceted nature of risk management, and the practicalities of its implementation in the aviation finance and leasing sector. The interest in, and study of, risk has grown significantly due to improvements in the technology used to assessand measure risk together with the development of supporting regulatory structures.

The key topics will include:

  • Risk culture and Integrated Risk Management
  • Credit risk and Credit Ratings: Risk assessment of Global Passenger Airlines
  • Regulatory Environment: Basel III Vs Cape Town Agreement
  • Probabilistic Risk Modelling in Aviation Finance

4.45 – Close

Contact: kate@icbe.ie  061 423622