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Date: 17th & 18th & 19th November  2015

Location: Shannon

Trainer: Atlantic Aviation Group Ltd

Cost: €420 per person  funding applied


Programme Overview

To present a general technical description of the aircraft type.


Programme Objectives

The course will provide the attendee  with a familiarisation of the principal elements of the aircraft equivalent to  PART 66 Level 1

a)The student should be familiar with the basic elements of the aircraft

b)The student should be able to give a simple description of the whole subject, using common words and examples

c) The student should be able to use typical terms.


Target Audience

Any aviation personnel (technical, financial etc.) who need to gain an appreciation of the aircraft type.


Programme Content

3 days of theory instruction introducing the aircraft type. Each system is described from a component, an installation, and an operation standpoint, Flight compartment instruments and panel information have been included to assist in describing the system operation. The principal characteristics and major structural elements are tabulated and shown as required.

The use of DVDs and CBT will be included to enhance the attendee learning .Where practical, a site visit to an aircraft will take place. See Appendix 1 for detailed syllabus.

To satisfactorily complete the program the attendee will be required to sit and pass a multi choice examination.



On satisfactory completion of the course the attendee will be issued with a certificate of completion issued by our Part 147 school.


Trainer Profile Qualification & Relevant Experience

Instructors are PART 147 approved instructors on the type and have many years of knowledge and experience both working as engineers and inspectors on the type as well as providing training on the type. Their instruction knowledge includes presentation of type courses to potential licenced engineers/inspectors. They are permanent employees and local to the area.


Course syllabus

1. Introduction to aircraft type

2. Flight Compartment

3. Structures

4. Electrical Power

5. Fuel system

6. Power Plant

7. Auxiliary Power Unit

8. Fire Protection

9. Hydraulics

10. Landing Gear

11. Flight controls

12. Pneumatics and Air conditioning

13. Ice and Rain Protection

14. Lighting

15. Oxygen and Water/Waste

16. Communications and Recordings

17. Navigation Sensors and Instruments

18. Flight Management System(incl. Electronic Flight Instrument System)

19. Wind shear and Ground Proximity Warning

20. Electronic Equipment Bay

21. Miscellaneous (e.g exterior doors, air strairs) Abbreviations and Acronyms.