Cabin Safety Certification

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Cost: €326 pp
Location: Bunratty Co Clare
Trainer: Avisa
This course covers certification and continuing airworthiness of cabin interiors changes and repairs on large fixed wing aircraft types, business jets and cargo aircraft.
The course is aimed at all people, especially CVEs, involved in the design and certification of such changes and repairs who work for an EASA Part 21 Subpart J design organisation (DOA) or equivalent.
In summary it will cover the following aspects:
 Development of cabin safety
 Relevant Part 21 concepts
o Certification basis, FAR/JAR/CS, Special Conditions, retroactive requirements.
o Classification, major, minor, significant/not significant
o Compliance verification
o Subcontractor Control
o Conformity / Prototyping
o Interface with POA and other DOAs
 Relevant EASA Procedures
o Certification programme
o Compliance planning & Compliance Checklists
o Means of Compliance
 Tests
o Approval of test plans and reports
o Conformity
o Approval of test equipment
o Flight and ground tests
 Requirements
o Egress / Evacuation
o Flammability
o Structures, loads, materials, monuments, closed compartments, hull penetrations
o Seats, 9g, 16g, HIC
o Equipment approval
o Medical equipment
o Cabin walk-through inspection
o VIP: closed compartments, seats, divans and beds, bathrooms/showers, wireless networks, large screens…
 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
 Approved manuals and documents