Date: 21st – 25 August 2017

Location: Aertrain

Cost: €550

Category C and General Familiarisation Courses

Aertrain provides Category C and General Familiarisation courses on Airbus A320 Family, Airbus A330 Family and Boeing B737 NG Family aircraft.

The Syllabus for the Category C course and the General Familiarisation course for a particular aircraft family is the same, and the course duration is also the same at 30 hours. However, a Category C course must be run over five days with a maximum of 6 classroom hours per day, excluding breaks and exam time, whereas a General Familiarisation course can be run over a lesser number of days with the duration of each day being greater than 6 hours.

Both the Category C course and the General Familiarisation course are theoretical only, i.e. they do not require practical training, and cover all the aircraft and engine systems for the respective aircraft family to Level 1 detail. An examination is mandatory at the end of each Category C course; however it is optional on a General Familiarisation course.

Certification Authority:

Successful completion of a Category C course does provide an acceptable qualification for approved Category C Certifying Staff to issue a Certificate of Release to Service at the end of a base maintenance check in a Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO), or for approved Airworthiness Review Staff to issue an Airworthiness Review Certificate following an Airworthiness Review in a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), in relation to the particular aircraft type.

A General Familiarisation course may be sufficient as a qualification on a particular aircraft type for Airworthiness Review Staff in a CAMO subject to acceptance by the Competent Authority.

Example Syllabus (A320 Family):

The following pages show an example syllabus for a Category C or General Familiarisation course; the example taken is that of the A320 Family. The syllabi for the other aircraft are similar.

Note: The exam questions and the time allotted for the exam is a necessary part of the Category C course and is optional on the General Familiarisation course.

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