We are delighted to invite you to an interactive workshop with world renowned speaker, Peter de Jager.  This workshop is fully funded by Business Excellence Skillnet.  Please contact grainne@icbe.ie or 061-423622  today to book your place.

Change Management Workshop
Peter de Jager

Monday, November 21st 2016

3.00pm – 4.30pm
followed by Q&A

at  Merit Medical, Galway

places are limited

This workshop addresses three items:


  • The Myths of Change
  • The usefulness of Change Process Models
  • The Seven questions we must answer with respect to ANY Change


      • Why?
      • What is in it for Me?
      • What is going to be different on Monday?
      • What won’t change?
      • What might go wrong?
      • What is going to be difficult?
      • How do know that you are making progress?


“Enlightening, entertaining & thought-provoking”


Peter de Jager is a world-renowned speaker, writer and consultant on issues relating to Change Management and Problem Solving.  All of Peter’s work focuses on the issue of how individuals, and therefore all organisations, assimilate Change.

He has a reputation for provoking thought, challenging assumptions and exposing the real causes behind otherwise perplexing problems.

He speaks from experience with passion, conviction and a sense of humour. He believes his purpose is to entice his audience to think deeper about Change and how it affects us.

His goal is to challenge the myths surrounding Change that construct obstacles in front of successful implementations.

To find out more about Peter, visit http://www.technobility.com/index.html or view online presentations at: http://vimeo.com/technobility



Change Management Workshop with Peter de Jager

How should we implement Change? It’s a simple enough question, surely there’s a simple answer — especially since we get to do it so often. Every time we implement a new system or install a new process, we’re implementing Change. Surely there are some things that work, and some things that fail? Surely we’re intelligent enough to sift out the good from the bad? Perhaps.

We have a problem. We need to understand the deep mystical secrets of Change Implementation. Mostly we need to understand that there aren’t really any ‘deep mystical secrets’ to implementing Change – that it’s mostly common sense.

Here’s what we all already know;

  • Making it ‘their’ change not our change – increases the chances of success
  • Providing support during the transition – makes Change less painful
  • Celebrating small successes – is how we maintain the motivation to Change

Sounds too simple? Perhaps that’s why we ignore what we already know. But Robert Fulghum was very successful with a simple little book entitled ‘All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten’. Perhaps we need to follow his advice and pay attention to the obvious and the simple.

When faced with Change, any Change, our immediate response is “How will it affect me?” Will it destroy a way of life, or just disrupt a sense of comfort? Will it threaten jobs, or will it just be perceived as threatening jobs? Does it matter if it is a perception rather than reality?

Everyone shares these simple, personal, self preserving questions. Answer them and we’ve solved the problem of implementing Change. Ignore them and we guarantee ourselves a difficult, if not impossible, transformation.

There are no Silver Bullets in Change Management. No guaranteed, money back solutions. Our Change strategy depends on the present situation, past history, the future we’re trying to create and how difficult you make the journey from here to there.

If we’re trying to get a target audience to accept a new way of doing things, a new system or a new set of standards, then there are partial solutions. Solutions which allow the target audience to gain some control over their destiny, while implementing the necessary Changes.