ICBE Lunchtime Bite Webinar

Wednesday, June 19th @ 1pm
20 minute webinar / followed by 5 minutes Q&A

What Got you Here; Won’t Get You There
Developing your leadership ability and effectiveness through incorporating a coaching approach


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Is this your experience?

    • You’re still involved in too much detail, still finding yourself involved in problem solving and having to take responsibilities, which you feel your people/team should be taking. This is frustrating, stressful, and adds to your pressure.
    • If you are in a HR role, are you finding yourself supporting managers who are facing these challenges and you are wondering how to better build their capacity to deal with these challenges.
    • If you are in a senior leadership position, you see your managers involved in their own functions and not being able to connect with their peers and be more collaborative, not able to focus on the bigger picture and take a strategic perspective, and you are really concerned about the team’s capacity to provide organisational leadership into the future.
    • Your current approaches may incorporate being directive, caring and supportive, being hands on, and even hands off.  You are experiencing that you are not getting what you need from your people/staff/team. And you are wondering what needs to change

Join this webinar and learn about how incorporating a coaching approach will address these challenges

    • Hear about how, through a coaching approach, you can:
    • Tune into the untapped potential and talent that is within your people;
    • Change your approach to working with people so you release and develop this talent;
    • Provide the support and challenge your people need to change and grow;
    • Collaborate and be strategic in your approach to working with others.

Webinar delivered by:  Gerry Ryan and Kieran Murphy

Gerry Ryan – MCC, MICF www.xenergie.com/gerard-ryan/

Gerry’s background includes over 24 years within the manufacturing operations for a large Irish owned multinational food sector organisation. His career incorporated production and operations management roles, HR functions and T&D Manager. Throughout his career, Gerry developed a track record of enabling significant performance improvement in the businesses he managed through leveraging the organisations culture, structure, systems and people. Typical results included high performing businesses and very motivated, highly performing people. This led Gerry to being appointed to the role of ‘management coach’ in the early 90’s to work with the management teams of companies acquired  across UK/Europe to help them develop the skills and leadership capabilities to transform their organisations and deliver the ROI expected. Some of his achievements include;

    •  6 years managing the Training and Development function of a major food Group. He brought real business focus to this activity within the group leading to it becoming an integral part of all major change and improvement initiatives
    •  13 years in Operations Management in a series of business units delivering significant performance improvement through Leadership, Coaching and Organisational Development.
    •  4 years as a Management Coach within a large Irish owned multinational company, coaching senior and line management through culture and organisational change and business performance improvement, in Ireland, U.K. and Mainland Europe.

Kieran Murphy, Executive Coach

Kieran has over 20 years experience of senior leadership positions in a variety of not-for-profit organisations, at both executive and Board level, in Ireland and the UK.  Kieran’s  expertise covers a broad range of areas, including

    • discerning organisational purpose,
    • strategy development and implementation,
    • evolving social services to respond to changing patterns of needs,
    • social justice advocacy,
    • support and development of staff and volunteers,
    • marketing, reputation management, relationship building with key stakeholders, fundraising and financial management,
    • achieving regulatory and legislative compliance, and
    • mergers

The consistent themes across all these experiences is Kieran’s relentless curiosity and exploration about how to bring about positive change in large complex systems, so that people, communities and countries are transformed for the better.

Kieran also brings his experience of pursuing his own purpose – leaving a secure, senior position in 2014 to establish his own business in leadership, team and organisation development.

A sample of clients include – Health Services Executive, Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Irish Cancer Society, Irish Red Cross, Social Democrats, Godolphin Racing.

Professional Perspective: Kieran’s driving passion is making his contribution, through his work and life, to evolving new ways for humans to work successfully together and influence each other so as to bring about more sustainable and equitable ways for all life forms to coexisting on the planet.

Kieran has a number of qualifications, including a Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching, Certificate in Coaching Skills and an MA in Organisational Analysis from the University of East London, UK.