Communication for Leaders of Remote Teams with Operate Remote
Online self-paced learning (Anytime, Anywhere) Not date specific / Approx. 8-hours

Cost: €120 per person (after funding is applied)
We are delighted to be able to offer funding from the Skillnet COVID-19 Response Fund for this program
Regular cost: €367.77

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Invest in yourself and your team today!
This course is designed for people managers and leaders of distributed teams to help them become more effective communicators in order to develop their leadership skills and in turn, increase engagement and productivity within their teams. Click here for full program details.

Remote working is still a new concept which means leaders aren’t fully equipped to transfer their people management abilities into virtual environments. Communication is the life-line of a successful remote team and as a people manager, the success of your remote team depends on your communication strategy.

This course is designed around the best practices academic research and proven strategies that enables new or existing managers of remote teams to flourish and grow.


Getting started

  • An introduction from Shauna Moran
  • The Challenges as a Leader of a Remote Team
  • Reflection: Understanding Yourself

A Deeper Understanding of Communication as a Leader

  • Trust and building relationships
  • Language and cultural considerations
  • The four levels of communication
  • Understanding your team
  • Setting values, expectations and boundaries

Coaching Communication in Remote Teams

  • 5 coaching habits of excellent leaders
  • Being a more effective leader through communication

Managing Performance through Communication

  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Assertive Communication Formula

Successful Remote Team Engagement

  • Building a 1:1 meeting structure
  • Building a team meeting structure
  • Ice-breakers and social communication

Building your Communication Strategy

  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Building a synchronous and asynchronous project plan


  • The future of effective remote team communication for you and your team

Shauna Moran Operate Remote

Shauna Moran, the founder of Operate Remote helps remote and multi-location companies improve employee performance and engagement. Shauna is an accredited coach & consultant and emotional intelligence practitioner. Shauna has unique experience in building and managing remote teams on an international level, coupled with her academic background in Psychology, Innovation Management and extensive research in remote working strategies. Shauna’s mission is to empower companies and leaders to create a productive, highly-functional, effective and engaged workforce, regardless of the locations that they can scale well into the future, with confidence.