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Dates: October 13th & November 10th

Location: Sligo

Cost: €250 member  €350 non member


Course Overview

This programme is an excellent introduction to the capabilities of Continuous Improvement. Participants on this programme engage in project work relating to their own working environment. This allows them to get a real understanding of the basics of Continuous Improvement and how powerful these tools can be in not only improving the efficiencies of their company but also improving their everyday working environment.

All participants work on a project from within their company to ensure that they not only understand the theory but also gain practical hands on experience. This equips course participants to continually drive process improvement long after the training has finished.

Requirements prior to the programme

Prior to this training a project needs to be chosen for the workshop. The project should have the following qualities

  1. Ideally should be a project that all attendees on the programme can relate to and

discuss in detail

  1. Be in a position to make changes themselves with the project/Ideally something within their own workload at the moment/something they are directly responsible for
  2. It’s a project that can be improved in a 6 week time-frame
  3. Management will support it
  4. Attendees find that is makes their lives difficult currently and by solving this problem will make their lives easier
  5. Attendees are in agreement with the chosen project


Prior to the workshop, we will need to have some facts and figures on the process, almost a draft charter/justification complete to bring into the workshop.

Learning Objectives / Desired Outcomes

At the end of this programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand what CI is about and gain problem solving skills
  • Contribute to driving a business process improvement culture
  • Assist employer and client in being more productive and more competitive
  • Communicate effectively as part of a team
  • Display creativity and be part of innovative teams
  • Display a mindset of continuous improvement while being task and process driven



1 Day Tuesday 13th October

-          Introducing Lean & Six Sigma
-          Structuring a charter-problem statement, goal, team, milestones
-          Implementing a stakeholder analysis
-          Utilising Root Cause Analysis-5 Whys and Fishbone on a live project
-          Action Planning-how to structure an action plan, identify responsibilities and time-frames
-          Incorporating Risk Identification in actions, assessing risk and implementation of counter-measures
-          Next Steps

Follow Up Mentoring DayTuesday 10thNovember 
-          The team will present their improvements and will be mentored accordingly on the implementation
-          Collation of storyboard for presentation to management
-          Utilisation of Business Process Mapping as a technique

Lean Sigma Systems can accommodate up to 12 participants on this workshop.


Who should attend?

The programme is suitable for anyone interested in acquiring an overview level introduction to both Lean and Six Sigma and the benefits that both of these methodologies can provide. Participants will be required to lead or assisted in carrying out a 6 week project.


Lean Sigma Systems

Ms. Susan Clancy, Managing Director,

Ballyburden, Ballincollig, Co. Cork. E-mail:,



Susan Clancy; Managing Director, Lean Sigma Systems –NCEA Cert & Dip Eng, BSc

Susan has knowledge, ability and a proven track record across all sectors helping companies to provide cost competitive value added services within their organisations.

She has several years experience in Business Process Improvement and in the seven years since its establishment, Lean Sigma Systems can boast a varied and very distinguished client base spanning the Customer Call Centre, Financial Services, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Logistics, IT, Electronics, Hotel & Catering, Education and Aviation industries. She has experienced corporate philosophies within a variety of cultures and has worked extensively in deploying best practices in Six Sigma, Lean and Continuous Improvement in Ireland and across Europe.

Susan employs a sleeve-up approach to change, getting involved with people, determining issues and finding solutions. Since its foundation in 2006 Susan has ensured that all Lean Sigma Systems programmes create a very interactive and enjoyable environment in which participants feel comfortable to question. “Learning by Doing” is our motto and we work with all our clients’ personnel to ensure they not only understand the methodologies and tools involved, but are fully capable of implementing them for the long term benefit of their company.

Engineering and Science honours graduate from Cork Institute of Technology and Dublin City University, Susan is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt from the IQF, Six Sigma Black Belt from both the American Society for Quality as well as Air Academy Associates and a certified Lean Practitioner from University of Limerick.