Data Literacy Level 1 – Business Support Functions
(e.g. Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Procurement …)

Start date: Monday, October 26th

Duration: 3 days effort over 3 weeks

Cost of Level 1 program: €795 Member; €1,100 Non Member (per person)
Skillnet funding applied


Increase your organisation’s overall data literacy and data analytics maturity level

  • Module 1: Introduction to Modern Data Services & Business Analytics
  • Module 2: Data Analytics Collaboration & Lifecycle
  • Module 3: Modern Data Architecture & Technology
  • Module 4: Review of Data and PowerBI
  • Module 5: Advanced Analytics – Theory & Methods
  • Module 6: Putting it all Together

Week 1: 7 online lectures of 60 to 90 minutes (Estimate 8.5 hours/student time)

Week 2: Two Master online mentoring sessions of 60 minutes each
Mentoring sessions are at a class level (Estimate 8 hours student effort)

Week 3: One Master online mentoring session of 60 minutes
Online presentation of project results (Estimate 8 hours student effort)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the type of business questions that are increasingly being answered by Data Analytics platforms and tools that can add value to your organisation
  • Understand the strategic value of using data for decision-making in business
  • Understand how to harness the latest data architectures used in providing the required data to analytics systems to answer the business questions relative to the new industry 4.0 era
  • Be able to apply the latest analytic techniques, tools and algorithms in the market to speed up the harnessing of data for business advantage

Training Provider:  Dave Clarke, Clarke Analytics

ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet and  ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet commissioned Clarke Analytics to design, develop and deliver a series of Data Literacy Programmes at Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced Levels – Levels 1, 2 and 3.

The courses are designed for professionals in non-data functions to actively understand and interact with data.  There is a strong emphasis throughout the courses on how to integrate data into day to day business decisions as well as long-term strategic planning. The key emphasis is on understanding, interpreting and communicating the outputs to/from data analysts and scientists. It would also allow participants to articulate their specific data needs to the relevant data function.

Tailored for industry, utilising real-life industry data sets, the purpose of this Data Literacy training is to build a learning path for non-IT professionals in Data Analytics.

There are 2 Streams of this program – to help people in all parts of your organisation speak the same language while building organisational data literacy & becoming a data-driven organisation

  • ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet | Data Literacy for Business Support Functions, Level 1 – Starts October 26th , 2020
  •  ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet | Data Literacy for Manufacturing/Operations/Engineering Functions, Level 1 – Starts October 5th, 2020

The Level 2 programs are due to be scheduled in the first half of 2021