Programme Title:  Deal Execution – Remote Live Knowledge Session

Date:  7th April,  2020

Delivery:  Live Zoom Session

 Cost: €150 pp (also available for delivery as in-house session)

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Programme Overview

 In light of the three core business drivers of Risk, Revenue and Reputation, this programme explores the 7Ps of Deal Execution

Part 1 (10am to 12pm)

Principles – we start with the importance of mutual value and the core concepts of negotiation, value, growth mind set and win-win mentality;

Planning – we then explore the importance of strategy, location, due diligence, the deal zone, human dynamics including clarity, resilience and single-minded determination;

Power we then focus on the power balance in business growth and how you can ensure you have the upper hand. We also explore the four key traits of effective leaders: calmness, ability to listen, importance of being measured and resilience;

Players we then explore who you should have on your team and who to watch out for on the other side and then developing a mindset for growth and sustaining that growth through powerful mindfulness;

Part 2 (2pm to 4pm)

Performance – We then examine the deal execution itself and the fact that when we pay attention to the mind, our emotions, and our triggers, we can achieve highly impactful Flow State;

Putting it all to Bed – we move onto the importance of memorialising and future proofing business outcomes;

Pay out or Post Mortem – we conclude with the essential importance of measurement, reviews and continual improvement.



SIMON HAIGH: Global Business | Leadership | Brand | Personal Growth Strategist. Negotiation Expert

Simon is a business, leadership, brand & personal growth strategist as a certified leadership coach, consultant, trainer, lecturer mentor, author, speaker and media host. Simon is a tri-qualified (England & Wales, Australia, Ireland) commercial lawyer who, as an entrepreneur, has built and sold out of a number of technologies, luxury items and travel companies. He has been a C-suite executive & sat on boards (business and homeless, education and media not-for-profits) across different industries, four continents over 26 years.