Date: 13th & 26th January

Member €500 Non Member €600 per person
Location: Kildare

Programme Overview

Everything DiSC® certification training will equip in-house trainers & facilitators with the knowledge, understanding and tools you need to use DiSC® personal profiles in a wide variety of training, coaching and consulting applications.DiSC® certification training gives you a thorough understanding of the DiSC® behavioural model – the history of its development, validity and reliability, the administration process for both paper and online profiles, and how to interpret the whole range of Everything DiSC profiles and reports.The programme teaches DiSC® holistically, giving you an understanding of how it can be used to increase emotional intelligence and behavioural adaptability – the ability to respond more quickly and effectively to change.


Programme Objectives

  • Help facilitators to understand the history & positioning of DiSC®
  • Have a deeper understanding of the theory, research & validity underlying the DiSC®® models and the assessment process, as demonstrated by 50 million research inputs & high level face validity & corporate user acceptance.
  • Build professional DiSC® feedback processes within the organisation and enable facilitators to feel confident, competent & credible facilitating DiSC® training & feedback while answering both clarifying or developmental questions.
  • Experience their own personalised DiSC® learning, so that they will feel motivated to help others understand their style.
  • Fully understand the Everything DiSC® profile reports, and the applicable facilitator tools for training & 1-1 feedback.
  • Populate a personal reflective learning journal on DiSC®
  • Understand how to use the support materials, including the scripting, processes & using the Everything DiSC® manual.
  • Help & support inhouse trainers, facilitators & consultants with implementation, successful execution, and potential further application of DiSC®, only if desired & required.



Target Audience

In house corporate trainers, facilitators, executive coaches and consultants.


Programme Content

Pre-session/Pre-work.Participants take Everything DiSC® Workplace & read reports.Also read another chosen sample comparison (1-1) reportSession Introduction

Welcome to The Facilitator Training.

Intros & positioning for DiSC®

Orientation & Roadmap for the training

Introductions & Expectations

Review course requirements

Your pre-work, reading the reports, a debrief.


Clarity on the “debrief & feedback processes” needs for DiSC® Workplace.


QuikDiSC® & initial experiential with DiSC®


Watch A Video overview of DiSC® Workplace


Your initial inductions with DiSC®

Taking the profile, your experience debriefed.

Initial reactions to the Workplace profile reports by individuals.


Discover the DiSC model through a short interactive room activity

Using QuikDiSC, strengths-focus game


Introduction to the “Whole person” concept.

Learn about your own strengths

An overview on the drives, motivations, needs, preferences related to the DiSC® style of other people in your learning group.


Overview & discussion of the Cornerstone Principles of Everything DiSC®

What it is measuring, what it is NOT measuring


Brief History of Everything DiSC®


The DiSC®® Model & Deeper Theory.

  • Overview of William Marstons Core Model & DiSC®® Styles.
  • Marston’s Model and EQ of Normal People.
  • Group discussion on the model and applications for co-workers, managers & Teams.
  • Understanding the 8 style priorities, shading & Interactive activity/DOT placement
  • Group activity to share group dot placements, and introducing “flexing for success” & people reading principles
  • Learning group exercise going through reports / pair & sharing  of core learning from each section of reports. Exploring personal narrative in reports / additional focus on future feedback persons.
  • Q&A, and debriefs.
  • Bridging with MBTI, or other profiles.


DiSC® Facilitated Sessions

  • Video on people reading & flexing behaviours.
  • Floor Exercise on Workplace research behaviours – group sorting.


A team Perspective. Understanding DiSC® & Team Dynamics

  • Team Reports & A look at culture & it’s impact on results.


A look at the research & validity of DiSC(r).

Giving Feedback

  • Interpretation & One To One Feedback process with an internal client.
  • Informing & Exploring Models of feedback, optional questioning Profile/behavior/situational mixes
  • Initial Practices in giving One to one feedback – pair exercise.



  • A Day In The Life, Group Exercise.
  • Work on a client’s relevant scenario for debriefs from fours corners, based on style
  • Interpersonal relationships in focus. The ‘one on one’ comparisons, a simple understanding and communication of style and preference with someone you work closely with.


  • Putting it all together, your first presentation and the follow up half day.
  • Building Solutions & Your feedback sessions plan. Access to
  • Wrap-up, agreed follow ups (use of MyEverything DiSC) and support, and specific needs.
  • Final Questions & Answers, Closing and Send-off.



Trainer Profile Qualification & Relevant Experience

Peter is the Managing Director of Performance Partners Ltd who are a Wiley Authorised DiSC Partner. He is a Master DiSC® & Five Behaviours of Coheseive Teams Trainer and has conducted T4T on DiSC® for 8 years.Peter has over 25 years business experience, with a track record in business spanning 3 decades, working in ICT, Education and with experience in Financial services. He was the founding Director of a successful training & Consultancy Business which he ran for eight years. Peter has also many years training and facilitation experience, having worked with the Ken Blanchard Leadership partner in Ireland for 5 years. His training style is facilitative, and encourages self discovery.He also supports & organises facilitator development for in-house trainers to use DiSC® and also the certification path for inhouse trainers to become internationally accredited through the publishers.

Peter is also very experienced in providing DISC® certification for in-house trainers and consultants. Would you like to evaluate DiSC® train the trainer or certification for your in-house HR/L&D team?

Peter has also substantial Business Consulting & Executive Coaching experience, to support the change & learning.



On DiSC..includes among other…AIB.Price Waterhouse Coopers.


Bank of New York Mellon.

Boston Scientific.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Almac NI.

Wiley Publishing.


Blizzard Entertainment.

Riot Games.