Employment Law


Location: TBC

Date: 12th September from 9.30 to 5.00pm

Cost : €225

Programme Content

Employment law demands careful consideration and awareness by any organisation especially in cases where you have to manage underperformance or misconduct. As a result, managers need a unique and powerful skillset that combines not just the “how” of applying your grievance and disciplinary policy in a fair and legally effective manner but a softer set of skills that complement their application. And what if you do not have such procedures – how do you create them?

This module will empower you to explore not just discipline and underperformance but key employment law that is quite simply critical for you to know, understand and operate effectively. As such this workshop will cover:

  • How do you clearly define if under-performance is actually occurring in a fair and transparent way and how do you ensure acceptance of this fact from the under-performer?
  • How to utilise a positive action planning process for re-establishing effective performance in a way that is supportive, transparent and that ensures credibility of the next steps you may decide to take
  • How to operate your disciplinary process in a fair and legally effective manner
  • How do you conduct disciplinary meetings for both an underperformer and for those who are present due to misconduct?
  • Further, key information about a spectrum employment law that your organisation needs to be aware of and acting upon


Why Should I Attend?

  • Strong practical/real world focus ( academic)
  • Focused content, based on the latest research and thinking specifically designed for Aviation and Aerospace Sector
  • The opportunity to practice and gain clear actionable feedback on each of the areas covered
  • Delivered by a Leadership and Employment Law expert

Trainer: Beacon Training

Website  www.BeaconHRM.com

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