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DATES: 18th of May 2016

LOCATION: Training Point Raheen Limerick

COST: €€100.00 per participant….. funding applied


This Microsoft Excel Intermediate training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed for anyone who wants to improve his or her knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Participants will learn topics, which will improve their efficiency and productivity in the work place.
Target Audience
This Microsoft Excel Intermediate training programme may be of interest to personnel who wish to gain a comprehensive overview of the basic features of Microsoft Word. No prior knowledge of Microsoft Word is required; however an experience of basic computer and keyboard skills would be an advantage.


Setup & Printing Issues • Worksheet Setup • Headers and Footers • Scaling Your Worksheet to Fit a Page(s) • Printing Titles On Every Page • Printing the Row and Column Headings • Spell Checking • Previewing a Worksheet • Viewing Workbooks Side By Side • Printing Options Functions and Formulas • Getting Help With Functions. • Nested Functions. • Mixed References within Formulas. Time & Date Functions • TODAY. • NOW. • DAY. • MONTH. • YEAR. Functions • ROUND. • ROUNDDOWN. • ROUNDUP.
• SUMIF. Logical Functions • IF. • AND. • OR.Lookup Functions • VLOOKUP. • HLOOKUP.
Statistical Functions • COUNT. • COUNTA. • COUNTIF. • CONCATENATE.
Text to columns Named Ranges • Naming Cell Ranges. • Removing a Named Range. • Named Cell Ranges and Functions. Cell Formatting • Applying Styles to a Range. • Conditional Formatting. • Custom Number Formats.
Manipulating Worksheets • Copying or Moving Worksheets • Splitting a Window. • Hiding Rows, Columns & Worksheets. Templates • Creating Excel Templates. • Editing Excel Templates Paste Special Options • Using Paste Special to Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide. • Using Paste Special ‘Values’. • Using Paste Special Transpose Option.
Database & List Management – Sorting and Filtering Data • Sorting Data by Multiple Columns • Custom Sorts • Customized List • AutoFilter
Charts • Combined Line and Column Chart. • Adding a Secondary Axis. • Changing the Chart Type For a Data Series. • Adding a Data Series to a Chart. • Removing a Data Series from a Chart. • Modifying the Chart Title, Legend & Data Labels. • Chart Axis Scales. • Inserting Images Into Chart Columns.



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