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DATES: Wednesday, April 5th

TIMES: 9.30 am – 5.00 pm

LOCATION: New Horizons, Strand House, 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1

COST: €€100 per member €€125 non member  (Skillnets funding applied – Usual cost €295 per person)


In this course, students will apply visual elements and advanced formulas to a worksheet to display data in various formats.

 Programme Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: – use advanced formulas. – organize worksheet and table data using various techniques. – create and modify charts. – analyze data using PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts. – insert and modify graphic objects in a worksheet. – customize and enhance workbooks and the Microsoft® Office Excel® environment.


The target students for this course are students who desire to gain the skills necessary to create templates, sort and filter data, import and export data, analyze data, and work with Excel on the web. In addition, this course helps prepare students who desire to take the Microsoft Office Specialist exam in Excel and who already have knowledge of the basics of Excel, including how to create, edit, format, and print basic worksheets.

Training Content

Lesson 1:

  • Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas
  • Apply Cell and Range Names
  • Calculate Data Across Worksheets
  • Use Specialized Functions
  • Analyze Data with Logical and Lookup Functions

Lesson 2:

  • Organizing Worksheet and Table Data
  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Format Tables
  • Sort or Filter Worksheet or Table Data
  • Use Functions to Calculate Data in a Table or Worksheet

Lesson 3:

  • Presenting Data Using Charts
  • Create a Chart
  • Modify Charts
  • Format Charts

Lesson 4:

  • Analyzing Data Using PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts
  • Create a PivotTable Report
  • Filter Data Using Slicers
  • Analyze Data Using PivotCharts

Lesson 5:

  • Inserting Graphic Objects
  • Insert and Modify Pictures and ClipArt
  • Draw and Modify Shapes
  • Illustrate Workflow Using SmartArt Graphics
  • Layer and Group Graphic Objects

Lesson 6:

  • Customizing and Enhancing Workbooks and the Excel Environment
  • Customize the Excel Environment
  • Customize Workbooks
  • Manage Themes
  • Create and Use Templates

 Training Company Name

New Horizons Ireland, Strand House, 24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1