Executive Presentation Skills Workshop


Dates/Times: Thursday, October 18th  8:30am – 4:30pm & Friday, October 19th 8:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Cork

Cost: €195 member; €250 non member (per person)  Places are limited


This one and a half day Executive Presentation Skills workshop is targeted at experienced presenters who have gained enough confidence to stand up and present however wish to further refine their presentation skills with a view to delivering the best possible presentation.


Pre-requisite:  It is essential that all participants have already gained presentation experience. This workshop is not suitable for beginners. All participants are required to complete a planning worksheet as pre-work in advance of the workshop. This is an absolute requirement; participants who have not completed the planning worksheet will not be permitted on the workshop.

Participants will be required to present on at least three occasions during the workshop.

All participants are required to bring an actual presentation they have presented before or will be required to present in the future. We will work on this presentation during the workshop. There is no need to update your presentation prior to the workshop.

All will require a laptop on the day.

Program outline:

  • Self-SWOT analysis
  • The elements of a presentation
  • Practical demo 1 & review (3 minutes per person with option of recording)
  • Presentation de-construction (Skeleton)
  • Empathy ‘in the audience shoes’ – WIIFM?
  • Rules of Engagement (Thee hook – what resonates?)
  • Cognitive Capacity (How much is too much?)
  • Red flags & elephants!
  • Effective questions and answers
  • Visual anchors, aids, scribes and media
  • TED worthy presentations
  • Practical demo 2 & review
  • Effective Story Telling (inc TED Talk)
  • Non-verbal communication
  • The P’s – Pronounce, Pause. Pace, Practice
  • Nightmare scenarios
  • First impressions to Finishing strong – every second counts!
  • Presentation re-construction
  • Practical demo 3 & review
  • Knowledge review
  • Close

Training Provider

Michelle Dinneen – Ardin Career Development  www.ardincareerdevelopment.ie

Michelle holds a Masters in Human Resource Leadership, is a Master Trainer and has over 15 year’s experience in Operations and HR training in a multinational environment.

Michelle specialises in creative and innovative programme design, customisation and delivery.

Michelle’s energy, enthusiasm and rapport building training style combined with interactive participant activities ensure an educational and an enjoyable learning experience for all.