A benchmarking session on Flexible Work Arrangements.


This event will be hosted at Analog Devices, Limerick.

Friday, November 27th

11am – 1pm

Followed by lunch and site tour


ICBE Call for Support

Topic: Flexible Work Arrangements
Sector: All

Information Requested: An ICBE member company would like to identify the prevalence and types of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) that different organizations offer.
Objective: To get an insight into employee use of these programs, metrics/analytics on FWAs, success factors, the impact of these programs on both employees and employers, and challenges associated with FWAs.

In particular,

• What FWA options does your organization formally or informally offer to any of its employees?

• How do employees learn about FWA’s

• How would you rate the success of different FWA options at your organization?

• How do you educate or train your management team on FWAs

Any help on this Call for Support would be greatly appreciated - Please contact me if you would like to support the member company with this need.