Foundation in HR Analytics Program



Dates: 2-day workshop Tuesday, 27th & Wednesday, 28th November
plus follow-up webinar on IT Implementation Methods (1 hour) – Thursday, 13th November

  • 9.30am – 5pm – November 27th
  • 9am – 4.30pm – November 28th

Price: €750 member; €950 non member (per person)  Skillnets funding applied

Location: Bunratty Castle Hotel, Bunratty, Co. Clare

People Analytics is fast-becoming a critical skill for any successful HR professional seeking to add value to their organisation – Don’t get left behind !

The main purpose of this course is to provide HR Reporting Managers, Analysts, Business Partners, Generalists and Leaders with an understanding of People Analytics, it’s value to their organisation, and a scientific process to pave the way towards running more valuable people programs. This is designed as a Foundational Module, exploring and sorting through much of the noise around this area, and defining and providing models for you to follow.

This 2-day course helps HR professionals to get deeper insights into the really high-value issues faced by their organisations; with more exercises and more case studies.  So, whether your interests are new to Analytics, or if you joined an ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet event last year, there’s much to learn – and a great chance for those that did come last year to learn more and reflect on how they’re now approaching such issues.

This 2-day program is newly developed by Blumberg Partnership and delivered by Mark Lawrence, currently Director of Organisation and People Analytics, GlaxoSmithKline UK – This is a great opportunity to learn more about how you can understand and leverage HR analytics from an expert practitioner.

Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce and improve the quality & credibility of HR insight and decision-making

In Deloitte’s Bersin study High-Impact Talent Analytics, researchers found companies that examined people-related data made better strategic decisions about who to hire, who to promote and how much to pay.

Another survey by MIT and IBM found that companies with comprehensive HR analytics also had:

  • 8% higher sales growth
  • 24% higher net operating income
  • 58% higher sales per employee

Learning Outcomes:

  • Impart a formal understanding of the theory of Analytics
  • Provide a distinction between Analytics and Reporting or MI (Management Information)
  • Enable you to talk about Analytics considerations in HR
  • Provide awareness of opportunities for change, within your current work environment
  • Arm you with the basic principles to start making a difference, straight away

COURSE CONTENT:  2-day classroom

  • Introduction
    • Objectives
  • What is People Analytics
    • Human Resources Vs Human Capital
    • Investing in Human Capital
    • Using a Model for Decision-Making
  • Business-Focused Analytics
    • Understanding the Business
    • Applying Business Understanding
  • Analytics Processes
    • Data Management
    • Return on Investment
    • Workforce Planning
    • External Data Pressures
    • Technologies
    • Data-Driven
  • From data-driven reporting to solution-driven analytics
    • HR Reporting: Low-Value Analytics
    • Data Mining: Data-Driven Analytics
    • Predictive: Solution-Driven Analytics
    • The Scientific Method: High-Value Analytics
  • Next steps to get going with People Analytics
    • Building Analytical Capability
    • Action Planning


IT Implementation Methods / Webinar

  • Explain the basic methodology for IT implementation projects
  • Provide a process by which to approach future IT implementation projects
  • Demonstrate the linkages between Analytics and IT implementation – People analytics does involve IT

Training Provider:  Blumberg Partnership
Mark Lawrence, Director of Organisation and People Analytics, GSK

If you cancel your booking for this training programme within 4 weeks of the programme commencement, you will be charged in full for the programme.
However, a substitute can attend in your place.

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