Health and Wellness Series with KD Wellness

Date:  Commencing Monday, 6th April 2020

 Delivery:  Live 30 minute Zoom Sessions every Monday from 10am

 Cost: €30 pp  to access remaining 4 sessions (contact for group discounts)

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Session Overviews:

6th April Week 1 . Self-Talk – This is without doubt one of the most important areas of who we are. Allowing your mind to be overrun with negative thoughts and outcomes, leads to a vicious cycle of destruction. Learning to take the negative and turn it in to the positive in every situation is a very powerful tool. Your Self Talk Can Break You Or Make You When It Comes To Productivity!

14th April Week 2 . How to Be More Productive – impacting your day, winning your morning means winning your day. Having a routine and schedule allows you to actually, have more time. Does your day control you or do you control your day? Elimination of Time waster and energy Vampires, as the simplest of tasks can become a burden if, text messages are coming in and constantly answering emails.

20th April Week 3 . Emotional Health EQ – keeping things in perspective and learning to turn the negative into a positive. Coping with life challenges. We are very aware of our own feelings and what we like and dislike. The power comes from understanding how the other person may feel and looking at the solution rather than the problem. This automatically gives you back control and allows you to create a better working and living environment.

27th April Week 4. Nutrition – This is fundamental to who you are and how you operate each day. There is no point having a Ferrari parked in the drive, and you fill it up with vegetable oil. Providing your body with its best fuel, for energy, repair, recovery, immunity and longevity, is your best chance at optimal health and high performance. While, this may seem obvious, it’s convenience that we all seek. Quick easy and hassle free, so simple meal prep and non-complicated cooking can

5th May Week 5. Mindfulness – Coping with every day demands, (in current times, Covid 19 and isolation) developing skills to promote greater appreciation and help with grounding yourself. Sometimes to speed up, we need to slow down.

11th Mary Week 6.  Exercise – The Power of Exercise, how by using every environment to exercise, not exclusive to the gym or having high tech equipment. Fitting in a quick 15-20min session can have an invaluable impact on your day and your performance. Exercise helps to promote happy hormones, keep the body strong and vibrant. With exercise you have the power to generate new growth, increase brain activity and improve memory.

KD Corporate Wellness has a single mission: to provide your business with a more successful, creative, positive and happy staff.  Approaching each of their clients with fresh eyes to develop customised and uniquely tailored strategies, to help them cope, look after their wellbeing and bring the joy back into company life. Other programmes include Conflict Resolution, Life Alignment, Team Dynamics

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