Title: Health and Wellness with KD Corporate Wellness – Further 4 Week Series

Date:  Commencing Monday 25th May, 2020 (every Monday for 4 weeks or available as on-line recordings)

Cost : with 50% Skillnet Covid Response 19 Response Funding applied:

  •  €40 pp  to access all 4  sessions
  • €100 group rate for 5 employees
  • €150 for 10 employees

To book please email: maeve@icbe.ie


Even while remote working, employers have a continuing responsibility to take reasonable care of the health, safety and well being of their workers and put in place support mechanisms and create a culture where employees feel able to share challenges thereby enabling employers to identify the risks and devise strategies to manage them.

The sessions will run live at 10am each Monday morning, but are recorded so are also to available to view at a later more convenient time.   Please share these details with anyone in your organisation who might be interested.

Content of Sessions:

Wk 1: Becoming a Business Athlete (High Performer)

As with a high performance athlete, the approach is not to concern themselves with continually winning, but to focus in on the learning outcomes. Within these parameters a high performance Business Athlete takes on the same mindset. They start to apply the same processes as a high performing athlete would, focusing in on preparation (productivity), visualisation (Self Talk) and continual betterment.  In this session we will share with you how you can apply these techniques to both your personal and professional life.

Wk 2: Nutrition – Fueling your way to better health

There is so much information & misinformation when it comes to nutrition. Our bodies encounter many roadblocks throughout the day and we more often, than not choose to ignore them. We forget to fuel correctly or move with a purpose. We forget we have to stay energised and fuelled for our day, not just for satiety, but for brain function, immune function and wellness.  We will also have a very nice giveaway for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Wk 3: Self-Mastery and Removing Blockers  

The Art of Self-Mastery is the process of removing the walls that appear in front of you and focusing in on your ultimate GOAL. With gentle and consistent encouragement, you can learn to remove the chaos and focus in on what is priority in a concise and constructive approach, which are very relevant to the times in which we are living. In this session we will share with you some of the techniques adopted from the ancient warriors of Japan, The Samurai, which you will be able to apply to your everyday life.

Wk 4: Power of Exercise

By being physically active and exercising with a purpose, we reduce stress, increase serotonin (happy hormone) and make our bodies stronger. In this final session we give you simple yet actionable steps you can take straight away to improve your health and fitness regimes.

This promises to be a fun and interactive Zoom!


 KD Corporate Wellness has a single mission: to provide your business with a more successful, creative, positive and happy staff.  Approaching each of their clients with fresh eyes to develop customised and uniquely tailored strategies, to help them cope, look after their wellbeing and bring the joy back into company life.  Other programmes include Conflict Resolution, Life Alignment, Team Dynamics

For more information visit  https://www.kdcorporatewellness.com/