Date: 29th January 2020 from 9.30am – 4.30pm

Location: Maldron Hotel, Sandyroad, Co. Galway

Cost: €320 Non-Member €256 ICBE Member


Programme Overview

This one day training program is designed to introduce Managers and Engineers to systematically identify the reasons for Human Error and to identify the alignment of causes that resulted in Human Error.

Participants will learn the 4 High Level Categories of Human Error and the 12 subcategories that result in Human Error. From an analysis of these errors, participants will be presented with options to prevent human error using Lean techniques or minimise Human Error through an understanding of how the brain functions. The templates provided will align to an organisations current quality or safety management system to systematically eliminate human error over time.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme you will be able to complete a Human Error Root Cause Analysis and identify appropriate actions to systematically either eliminate or minimise human error in the workplace. This will systematically support both safety and quality initiatives in your organisation.


Who is the course for

This programme is appropriate for any of the following roles

–        Leadership

–        QA Manager

–        QA Engineers

–        Design/Manufacturing/Safety Engineers

–        Safety and/or Environmental Managers

–         Anyone involved with or leading a Human Error preventative approach



1.     Introduction to Human Error Prevention – Objectives, Background and Benefits

2.     Introduction to how the Brain works and linkage to Human Error

3.     Presentation of the CODE Error Types

4.     Reasons for Competency, Omission, Decision and Execution Errors

5.     Introduction to Human Error Problem Solving process

6.     Introduction to Human Error Root Cause Analysis

7.     Identification of Actions to Support the elimination or reduction of the opportunity for Human Error

8.     Workshop – Complete a Human Error Problem Solving process with case study provided

9.     Summary and Close


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