Starting at 1pm – Tuesday, February 18th  

20 Minute Webinar (15 minutes followed by a quick Q&A)
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The Career Habits That Hold Us Back

This webinar will help explore some of the potential habits that may hold leaders back from future career success. It will provide an insight into some early career habits, that may need to be changed as a leader progresses to a more senior role with their organisation.  During the webinar, insights will be pulled from the findings of Sally Helgesen & Marshall Goldsmith in their book How Women Rise”.

It can be argued that some of these habits apply to all leaders regardless of gender, but

  • this webinar is ideally suited for female leaders looking to create a strategy to progress to the next step in their career
  • it is also ideal for male & female managers and mentors, who want to understand how they can additionally support women in their businesses or families to rise and succeed

Closer to the date we will send you a link to Zoom that you can access via your smart phone or computer. Full instructions will be provided then, but you will need a headset and good broadband internet connection.

A full recording of the session will be also be delivered so you can replay the session at a later date.

Facilitated by Allana Brown

Having worked as a Senior Global Human Resources and Strategy Director in Supply Chain & STEM2  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Manufacturing) related industries, where she partnered with senior executives to maximise the value of their multinational businesses, Allana Brown became all too aware of the importance of attracting, retaining and developing impactful leaders in this field.

Understanding the competencies required to be a successful leader in Supply Chain & STEM2 environment, Allana established her consultancy business to work with clients, to help expedite their talent strategies for all leaders across their business and raise their profile as an employer of choice.

As well as organising STEM events, the consultancy focuses on building programmes to develop leadership capabilities, identifying the habits that hold entrepreneurs or business leaders back and then supports them to achieve optimal performance to rise and reach great heights.  She also builds strategies with leaders who are responsible for Business Excellence and implementing change, Leaders who are looking to map out their next career move or promotional opportunity, as well as supporting them in their first 90 days to expedite their impact within their new role.

Allana is a Business Studies honours graduate of the University of Limerick in Ireland and has also participated in leadership programs in conjunction with Cape Town University Business School in South Africa and Cornell University in North America. She is an accredited Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0/EQ-I 360) survey administrator and coach.

Allana is also passionate about supporting Women in STEM2 Leadership Development, through the creation of female-focused training and mentoring programmes. She also works with female entrepreneurs to help them build the leadership competencies and confidence required to run and develop their businesses for greater success. She also supports companies’ diversity and inclusion initiatives, through her leadership talks and workshop series.